Starting School


Entry into School

We hold a series of introductory sessions for children and for parents of children due to start in our reception class each year.

These take place in the summer preceding the child’s entry into school and are usually held in the afternoon.


The three sessions

  • Give an introduction to school and school routines
  • Provide an overview of the curriculum
  • Offer advice on how you can best help to prepare your child for school


You will also have an opportunity to meet with staff, to see the classroom and to purchase or order uniform and other necessities.

The school nurse will also be available so you may discuss any medical concerns or requirements and your child will have the opportunity to work in the classroom and to meet his or her new classmates.

We find that this is an excellent way to introduce children into school, but don’t worry if you can’t make it. If you can’t bring them personally, we welcome grandparents or other representatives to come in your place.

Again if your child is due to start in our Reception class a member of staff will contact you with a view to them coming out to visit your child at home.

Home visits are usually held before the introductory sessions and again help your children to get to know their teacher on their home territory and allay any fears they may have about coming to school for the first time.


Here are some documents that you may find useful.