British Values

Democracy- How important is School uniform? (Autumn Term 1)

(Cross curricular link: PSHE & C)


Respect- Is it wrong to refuse help? (Autumn 1)

(Cross-curricular links: PSHE & C and Geography)


Individual Liberty- Are our actions more important than our words? (Autumn 1)

(Cross-curricular link: PSHE & C)


Welcoming our Visitors from Lahore in Pakistan (Summer 2)

(Cross-curricular link: PSHE & C & RE)


Gender Stereotypes (Summer Term 2)

(Cross-curricular link: PSHE & C)


Mutual Respect- Gender Equality (Summer Term 2)

(Cross-curricular link: PSHE & C)


PSED in Year 6: Public Services: The Fire Brigade (Summer Term 2)

(Cross-curricular link: PSHE & C)


Remembering D-Day (Summer Term 2)

(Cross-curricular link: History, Geography and PSHE & C)


Eid Mubarak (Summer Term 2)

(Cross-curricular links: RE and PSHE & C)


Democracy- Voting for our New House Captains (Summer Term 1) 

(Cross-curricular link: PE and PSHE & C)

As part of the Sports Houses launch day, Year 5 were asked to put themselves forward as candidates for House Captains. They wrote their own speeches and presented them to their KS2 peers in worship, who then voted. The children all wrote speeches that were very individual and spoke clearly and confidently. We now have 4 House Captains to lead their house over the next 12 months. Well done everyone.


Signalong Lunchtime Club

(Cross-curricular link: PSHE & C)

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Chinese New Year (Spring Term 1)

(Cross-curricular link: PSHE & C, Maths, History & Geography)


Year 6- Elf Day (Autumn Term 2)

(Cross-curricular link: Reading)


Year 3: Anti-Bullying Week (Autumn Term 2)

(Cross-curricular link: PSHE & C and Computing)

Year 3 created this amazing video to show everyone the work that they did linked to Anti-Bullying Week.


Year 3 and 4: Anti-Bullying Week (Autumn Term 2)

(Cross-curricular link: PSHE & C)


Year 6: Anti-Bullying Week (Autumn Term 2)

(Cross-curricular links: PSHE & C and Computing)


Anti-Bullying Week: Odd Socks Day (Autumn Term 2)

(Cross-curricular link: PSHE & C)

On Monday 12th November, we came to school wearing odd socks to kick start our Anti-Bullying Week in school. It was an opportunity for the children to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and what makes them all unique.


Year 4: Remembrance Poetry (Autumn Term 2)

(Cross-curricular links: Literacy-Writing, History and Religious Education)


Year 4: Remembrance Art (Autumn Term 2) 

(Cross-curricular links: History, Religious Education and Art)


Armistice Day 2018: 100th Anniversary

(Cross-curricular links: History, Religious Education, PSHE&C and Art)

This year's Armistice Day marked the 100th anniversary since the end of World War One, quite a poignant and significant event for all regardless of age, so as a school we wanted to take part in a community project which would involve all the residents of Leigh and our amazing children, as it's them that will continue the stories moving forward. Every child in school made a plastic bottle poppy, which was then used to create a sea of poppies in the Wilkinson Memorial Garden.


Year 5: Celebrating Diversity, Equality and significant figures in History- Nelson Mandela (Autumn Term 1)

(Cross-curricular link: History, PSHE & C and Computing)

During our Autumn Term Enrichment Day, Year 5 researched the work of Nelson Mandela. They learnt about his life and the changes that he made for his country.  They discussed equality and how important tolerance is. They then used iMovie to create a film depicting his life.


Year 1: Celebrating Diversity, Equality and significant female figures in History- Marie Curie (Autumn Term 1)

(Cross-curricular link: History)

During our Autumn Term Enrichment Day, Year 1 learnt about Marie Curie. They discovered what an inspirational woman she was because of the pioneering work that she did and then they thought about people that were inspirational to them. 


The Queen's 90th Birthday Party

On Friday 10th June, we held our ROYAL TEA PARTY to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday.  We looked at photos from the morning’s service at St Paul’s Cathedral; waved our flags while we sang the National Anthem and finally followed that with our version of a street party in the playground. We just managed to fit it in before the rain arrived. Each child received a commemorative medal to mark the occasion.