Design and Technology




DT In Year 1- Designing a Fantasy House (Autumn Term 2)

(Cross-curricular links: Literacy- Writing, Science & Art)

T in Year 1- Tudor Houses (Autumn Term 2)

(Cross-curricular link: History)


DT in Year 6- Ancient Greek Sandals (Autumn Term 2)

(Cross-curricular link: History)


DT in Year 5- Afternoon Tea (Summer Term 2)

(Cross-curricular links: Maths & PSHE & C)

Our Year 5 children made a special afternoon tea to say thank you to all the people who regularly come into school to support us throughout the year.


DT in Year 1- Healthy Seaside Snacks (Summer Term 2)

(Cross-curricular links: Computing & Science)


DT in Year 4- Designing a Russian Doll (Summer Term 2)

(Cross-curricular links: Geography & Art)


DT in Year 2- Designing a Healthy Breakfast Cereal (Summer Term 2)

(Cross-curricular links: Science & Art)


DT in Year 5- Design and create a Globe Theatre (Summer Term 1)

(Cross-curricular link: History)


DT in Year 4- Constructing a Viking Longship (Summer Term 1)

(Cross-curricular link: History)


DT in Year 6- Constructing Anderson Shelters (Summer Term 1)

(Cross-curricular link: Science- Recycled materials)


DT in Year 2- Vehicles (Spring Term 2)

(Cross-curricular link: Science- Recycled materials)


DT in Year 3- A Balanced Meal (Spring Term 2)

(Cross-curricular links: Science and Literacy)

The children designed their own mini pizza as part of their Science unit where they learn about food groups and nutrition. They thought carefully about including toppings from different food groups, as well as what they would have as a side dish and dessert to create a balanced meal. The children then cooked their pizzas.....and ate them! Yum!


Easter Garden DT Competition- Spring Term 2 

(Cross-curricular link: RE)


KS2 Craft-a-Noon Club- Autumn Term Activities

(Cross-curricular link: Art)


DT in Year 6- Design a Rucksack (Autumn Term 2)

(Cross-curricular link: Geography)


KS2 Craft-a-Noon Club- Lantern making for  Church's Community Lantern Parade (Autumn Term 2)

(Cross-curricular links: RE & Art)


DT in Year 2- Puppets (Autumn Term 2)

(Cross-curricular link: History)


DT in Year 1- Tudor Houses (Autumn Term 2)

(Cross-curricular link: History)


DT in Year 1- Moving Pictures (Autumn Term 1)

(Cross-curricular link: Literacy- Reading)

During Autumn Term 1, Year 1 enjoyed sharing various stories by the familiar author Julia Donaldson, their favourite being 'The Gruffalo!' They linked their love of the story to their DT work and made moving pictures based around it. They were given various materials that they needed and then chose the characters that they wanted to move. They then learnt about how a pulley mechanism works and made their own. As they went along they evaluated their product, finding that they needed to change some materials to make their finished product more sturdy. They really enjoyed this project!


Reception's Building and Construction Day at Westleigh High School

On Wednesday 20th January, our Reception children had a great day out at one of our local high schools Westleigh High. They went on a building and construction day and whilst there they got the opportunity to take part in lots of different activities. Some of these included investigating materials used to build and construct with, constructing their own brick walls out of real bricks and mortar and creating their very own houses out of wood. As you can see from the pictures they had great fun, but more importantly it helped to contribute towards many of the Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design development matters statements that the children have to fulfil.