Early Years




Reception's Cinema Afternoon 2020


Rapunzel- The Lockdown Panto 2020


Reception's Christmas Party 2020


Heartsmart- Don't forget to let love in. (Autumn Term 2)


Indoor and Outdoor Role Play (Autumn Term 2)

Expressive Arts and Design & Physical Development- Cheerleading in Reception (Autumn Term 2)


Christmas Dinner 2020 (Autumn Term 2)

The Jolly Christmas Postman (Autumn Term 2)

Topic: Christmas


Maths and Physical Development in Reception- Active Maths  (Autumn Term 2)

Excitable Edgar (Autumn Term 2)

Topic: Christmas


Maths in Reception- Power Maths (Autumn Term 2)


Expressive Arts and Design & Physical Development (Dance) in Reception- Autumn Term 2


RE in Reception- Special People (Autumn Term 2)

Harry and the Dinosaurs make a Christmas Wish (Autumn Term 2)

Topic: Dinosaurs and Christmas


Hanukkah (Autumn Term 2)

My First Book of Dinosaurs (Autumn Term 2)

Topic: Dinosaurs

RE in Reception- Special People: The Vicar (Autumn Term 2)

Whatever Next! (Autumn Term 2)

Topic: Space


Diwali (Autumn Term 2)

Bears in the Night & Remembrance Sunday (Autumn Term 2)

Topic: Day and Night


Hedgehog Howdedo & Bonfire Night (Autumn Term 2)

Topic: Seasons-Autumn


RE- I am Special (Autumn Term 1 )


Heartsmart- Get Heartsmart (Autumn Term 1)


The Rainbow Fish (Autumn Term 1 )

Topic- Colours


Outdoor Play (Autumn Term 1)


Elmer- Celebrating Diversity (Autumn Term 1)

Topic: Colours


Physical Development- Gymnastics: Jumping from Equipment (Autumn Term 1 )


The Elephant and the Bad Baby (Autumn Term 1)

Topic: Ourselves- Growing and Changing


Physical Development- Gymnastics: Jumping Sequences (Autumn Term 1 )


Miss Polly had a Dolly (Autumn Term 1 )

Topic: Ourselves- Senses


Heartsmart- Build a Boris (Autumn Term 1)


Physical Development- Gymnastics: Jumping (Autumn Term 1 )


All About Me- Funnybones (Autumn Term 1)

Topic: Ourselves- The Body