Our Year 1 Class

A very warm welcome to our Year 1 class page. In Year 1 the children make the transition from Foundation Stage to the National Curriculum.  The children's confidence blossoms as they quickly develop the skills to become even more independent in their learning. We learn through practical and concrete activities and work as a team to develop our knowledge and understanding.  The staff within the classroom are committed to providing the best learning experiences possible and are always on hand if you need them.

We look forward to a very busy and fun year where we will all have our time to shine!


Our Year 1 Class 2021-2022


Class Information


Who's Who

Mrs Clarke- Y1 Teacher

Miss Taverner- Teaching Assistant



In Year 1 we hope to embed a deep love of reading and therefore base all of our learning around a key text each half term that can be both fiction and non - fiction. We teach writing using 'The Write Stuff.' This focuses on the mechanics of writing as we teach the children how to write with an awareness of audience, purpose and context, whilst increasingly developing new and wide vocabulary. As we work through our focus texts each half term we will use the writing rainbow lenses to construct our writing and form our narratives. We also encourage a love of reading by sharing a whole class text each term, which we read daily together.


The Phonics Scheme we use in Year 1 is:

Read, Write Inc


Each day we undertake a RWI lesson. During this time we review the set 2 sounds learnt in Reception and will learn a new Set 3 sound each day. After the Speed Sounds lesson we look at a key text for the following three days. RWI is really helpful for embedding spellings and during each lesson we come across new 'Red Words'  which, we learn how to spell and are encouraged to use in our independent writing. We really enjoy our RWI time (particularly the partner work, actions and rhymes!) 



In Year 1 we use Power Maths. The aim of Year 1 is for the children to become secure with basic number skill, being able to; confidently count forwards and backwards within 100, count on and back from any given number, identify one more and one less than a given number to 100, add and subtract one and two digit numbers within 20 and be able to recall number bond facts to 10 and 20. We enjoy learning through lots of practical activities and embed our skills through daily reasoning and problem solving activities.

 It is important to keep working hard both at school and at home with Maths, so don't forget there are lots of online sites such as; 'Topmarks, ICT games, Maths Shed and Numbots' to keep our Maths brains active! 



At the beginning of Year 1 your child will be given a packet that will be used as both a homework and reading packet, homework will be given out each Friday. Each week the children will be given a Spelling Shed activity sheet that highlights the spelling list and rule for that week. For Maths we use the interactive all 'School Jam' this sets fun and interactive maths games for the children to attempt at home that are directly in line with their learning in school or a maths sheet maybe sent for reinforcement. Alongside this we expect the children to read at least 3 times a week at home also. Homework instructions are given out weekly via Seesaw. Any work completed at home and evidenced via Seesaw is awarded with Dojo points. 


As you are aware reading is high priority for us in school, particularly in Year 1, as this is the crucial time in which your child will become an independent and fluent reader! We change reading books once a week on a Friday. The children will be given either the RWI book read in school that week or the one read the previous week and either a non-fiction book or another related story from the same level, a picture of your child's books will then be put onto Seesaw. Remember to comment and date underneath this picture each time your child reads at home that week so that they can receive their reward of a dojo point. It is really important that we see evidence of your child reading across the year and I love to watch and hear them reading at home, so please remember to upload videos as often as possible!  



We love Seesaw in Year 1 and it is our key tool for observations, assessment and communication. You will receive daily updates of your child's progress and I am sure that you will enjoy seeing what they get up to everyday so remember to check it regularly! It is also important that just like in Reception you continue to contribute to your child's learning journey by sending regular observations of your child's home learning and experiences. 

This half term.... Summer 1 (April-May 2022)


Over the next half term our topic will be: Once Upon a Time

  • Literacy- This half term we will be studying 'The Write Stuff' unit on Little Red Riding Hood. We will use our noticing eyes to describe using adjectives, securing our knowledge about verbs, use repetition for effect and challenge ourselves to use dialogue. To develop our vocabulary we will have an experience day using drama pretending to walk through the forest and use conscience alley to considerer Grandma's inner thoughts as the wolf enters the house. As we are coming into the Summer term it is really important that we now focus on developing as independent writers! Therefore, we will be writing our own version of a traditional tale.
  • Numeracy - This half term we will be looking at length & height - using non-standard units and measuring with a ruler; weight and volume - measuring weight and capacity. We will continue to practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s then look at making equal groups, simple arrays and making doubles. Going back over basics with our mastering number looking at placing numbers to 10 on a number line, finding 1 more/less and more/less than a number,  strengthen our ability to subitize within 10, further explore number bonds to make numbers 6-10 linking them to addition and subtraction stories.
  • History - We will find out what it was like to be a local Victorian child. We will use old maps and photographs to look at Pennington Hall. Looking at the similarities and differences between our homes and those of the rich children who lived in Pennington Hall and comparing how toys have changed. We will then consider if life was the same for poor children living at the same time.  
  • Science - Plants! We will draw and label a plant and sow seeds, making labels for their plants. Using our observation skills, we will record how our plants grow and learn the names of common flowers. Studying leaves, we will learn the names of local trees comparing how they are different through the seasons and learning the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees. 
  • DT- This half term we will be exploring the difference between fruit and vegetables studying where they are grown. We will taste shop bought smoothies to discover which flavours we like before designing and making our very own smoothie.


  • RE- This half term we will looking at 'People of God'. We will focus on the story of Joseph learning how God was present within Joseph's life and how this can apply to our lives currently, understanding how God is our provider and protector.        
  • PE-   Our indoor unit this half term will be Gymnastics - Traditional Tales. Through this unit we will recognise and perform constructing movements and balances; travel around in different ways changing speed and direction; control our bodies when jumping and rolling in different ways; creating sequences with a clear beginning, middle and end.      
    Our outdoor unit will be Multi Skills - Sports Day. In this unit we will use appropriate skills and techniques to sprint in a race; balance an egg on a spoon while racing; jump in a sack while racing; throw over arm and underarm at a target and travel using movements across obstacles in a race. We will need to use our value of honesty when racing!
  • Computing- Our computing unit this half term links perfectly with our English unit. It is called 'We are storytellers.' Through the unit we will; use sound recording equipment to record sounds; develop skills in saving and storing sounds on a iPad; work in collaboration to retell a traditional story and share their recordings with an audience.  

  • Music- This half term we will look at movement and body percussion, listening to Anna Meredith 'Connect it' BBC 10 pieces. We will look at playing African drumming - performing an ensemble. 
  • HEARTSMART-  Fake is a Mistake!



Dates for your Diary:


P.E. days are Tuesday and Friday. 

  • Please ensure that your child has the correct kit for both indoor and outdoor, so that they can fully join in with each lesson! 

Spring Term 2 NEWS!

During Spring Term 2 we explored Hot and Cold places! Using globes and atlases we found the invisible line around Earth - the equator and discovered this is where all the hottest places are. We then found the North and South Pole learning these places are the coldest on Earth! Using film clips and photographs we found out the features of hot and cold places. Studying the Antarctica in detail we had a live link up with Rob Swan giving the children a clear insight into what makes Antarctica special. We identified the animals that live in hot and cold places and how they have adapted to survive.

In Science we learnt about animals, identifying domestic and wild animals we created a bar chart of our favourite pets. We went to the local park to find minibeasts and pond life, using identification keys to find out what we had found and creating tables and bar charts to show our data. We looked at a range of animals classifying them into mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. Focusing on what different animals eat, we grouped them into herbivores, carnivores or omnivores and discovered what kind of food animals eat.

In Computing we have been illustating one of Oliver Jeffers stories but finding and saving images from the internet. Using the paint tools in 'Little Bird Tales' to create our illustrations for each part of the story. Saving and retrieving our work until our master piece was complete and we could publish it for our parents to read on Seesaw.

In Maths we explored in detail the numbers to 50! We have become very confident counting forwards to 50 and recognising the numbers on sight. Developing our knowledge of tens and ones, we represented the numbers in lots of different ways and compared them using the language of greater then and less than in addition to using the symbols <, > and =. We have begun to count in 2s and 5s which we will continue to master next half term. 

In P.E. we have had lots of fun learning different dances, first moving in response to a video of the Bolero, dancing as a group on our superheroes day using a cannon, mirroring our partner and keeping in time to the beat to perform a traditional dance before putting everything together to create our own dance about growing. Outside we developed our skills of travelling in different ways, travelling with a ball in different directions and passing a ball to a partner.

In R.E. we learnt about the Easter Story. We took a close look at the events of Holy week, splitting them up and learning about them one at a time, which helped us to gain a real understanding of the sequence of events. We thought carefully about the people that were around Jesus at the time, his mother and the Disciples in particular. We compared the story to the life cycle of a butterfly and the children were encouraged to 'put themselves in their shoes'  to say how the people felt. We then used different symbols to create an Easter garden to show the different parts of the story. 

All in all a very busy and enjoyable half term, thank you for all of your hard work! 


Spring Term 1 NEWS!

During Spring Term 1 we have been studying the UK in detail. Finding out where each of the four countries are using maps and learning the capital cities and other cities in each country too. We learnt what physical and human features are and found out about the features of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Using our computing topic 'We are Collectors!' we collected images from the different countries and saved them into the camera roll. We then used a binary question to sort the images and used 'Keynote' to make a presentation about two of the UK countries. 

For our seasonal change we have visited the park again and looked at the changes that happen from Autumn to Winter. We also found there were signs that spring will soon be on its way! We enjoyed our Science topic continuing to look at materials by starting with a material hunt around school. Discovering the names of different liquids, we investigated what happened when we mixed them. A special delivery of eggs arrived but unfortunately one of them had broken, so we had to investigate the best material to protect them during the delivery process. In addition, we found out the names of different powders and investigate how they moving and what happened when you mix them with water,

In English we have been working really hard in our Read, Write, Inc sessions: learning and going over all of the set 2 and 3 sounds and developing our fluency and comprehension skills with our daily lessons. We studied the story 'The Queen's Hat' and wrote our very own version after looking at different features. We had fun looking at a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace and listed lots of adjectives to describe it and thought of questions you may ask the reader. Looking at the prefix un- we discovered how to changed the meaning of the word to be the opposite. Discovering things that move quickly we learnt how to create a simile sentence and investigated using alliteration for effect. We have been collecting lots of verbs and learning how to change them into the past tense.

In Maths, we have done lots of work on number and place value, working with numbers to 20. Firstly we looked at 'tens and ones' and how to build and make a 2 digit number.  We used lots of different maths equipment to 'build' the two digit numbers and can now recognise how the ten and ones easily. The children can also identified and represent numbers using objects and pictures. We have also focused on the language of 'greater than, less than and equal to' in order to compare larger numbers, we have done this through concrete and pictorial representations and are becoming much more confident with this. 

In P.E. we enjoyed our indoor unit of looking at the fundamental skills of movement, balancing, throwing, rolling and manoeuvering a ball with a hockey stick. During outdoor PE, we studied throwing and catching. First, tracking a rolling ball, then bouncing it with control. It was tricky throwing and catching with a partner but we persevered to  master it, before learning how to throw a quiot.

In DT we looked at the structure of a windmill. First we worked on our block colouring by designing all the details on each part. Then we had to cut each part carefully so the blades would turn when we tested it.


Autumn Term 2 NEWS!

During Autumn term 2...

We have worked very hard and have enjoyed learning about various topics in history. Starting by looking at who Guy Fawkes was and his significance in our history. As remembrance day arrived, we looked at our local war hero Alfred Wilkinson and why he is still remembered today. We have become very knowledgeable on the Great Fire of London across this half term and have been engaged with topic from start to finish by becoming historians. We began by focusing on where, when and how the fire started, using different sources of evidence to find the clues to what happened. We enjoyed recreating Pudding Lane, making wooden houses and using the methods to put out the fire in continuous provision. 

In Maths we have taken our time to secure our learning of addition and subtraction within 10. We have worked hard on being able to identify addition facts to numbers within 10 and quick recall facts of number bonds 10. In addition, we have become familiar with 2D and 3D shapes learning their names and recognising 2D shapes on 3D shapes by printing their faces. 

In English, we looked at the poem 'Firework Night' focusing on nouns and verbs we explored the sights and sounds of bonfire night to write our very own version of the poem. Using the knowledge of the structure of this poem, we were able to write our own poems about Christmas. We have also continued to work hard within RWI. It is really important to keep up the hard work with the set 2 and 3 sounds in the coming term alongside regular reading, as preparation for the Phonics Check gets under way.  

In art, we have developed our skill of printing by experimenting with printing with lego, playdough and using paint and ink to print. By using our skills of making a tile and printing with ink and paint, we produced a beautiful calendar. In computing, we learnt our to search for and save images from the internet. By retrieving these in the app 'Spark Post' we were able to manipulate them and combine them with text to produce fantastic digital Christmas cards.

The children have really enjoyed this half term's RE unit and found it particularly interesting when it started with a surprise, unopened gift! We have worked hard thinking about the gift that Jesus was to the world, understanding the 'true' meaning of Christmas and the children have truly inspired me with their ability to think about others and about the importance of how gifts that cost little to no money to others. We held our very own fundraising event to raise money to by children clean water and allow them to go to school by using the money to purchasing these from the Christian Aid charity which our class have adopted as their class charity this year.

The children enjoyed both our indoor and outdoor PE sessions this half term as we developed our bat and ball skills and tested our accuracy at flipping a bean bag on the racket for our personal challenge. We had lots of fun dancing with ribbons to become fireworks and learning how to put actions together to create motifs.

Our Science topic on materials started with us describing the properties of a variety of everyday materials before using our scientific enquiry skills by being real scientists. We tested which materials were best to make the skin of a teddy bear, which slime was the best, which materials were waterproof and which materials let light through!

As always our term was finished off by a wonderful Nativity performance, the children were fantastic sheep or shepherds and did us all proud with their fantastic singing voices! 

Autumn Term 1 NEWS!

What a busy half term we have had! All of the children have settled into Year One very well and have shown a real love of learning.

In Science, we have enjoyed the topic 'All About Me!' and exploring animals including humans. We started our learning by labelling life size versions of ourselves, thinking about each body part and how we use them. From this we then discovered that we have 5 senses and learnt all about what these are, what part of the body they are linked to and how we use these to do basic daily tasks. We also explored the question 'Are humans animals?' We enjoyed learning about the different types of animals and the groups that they belong to and comparing them to ourselves. We were very shocked to learn that humans are in fact animals! 

As a class we really enjoyed exploring the writing rainbow through the story 'The Train Ride.' Looking at the lenses of repetition, dialogue and the basic lense looking at nouns and adjectives the children were guided through writing their own version of the story selecting words from our list of new vocabulary. Following on from this we explored the text 'The Gruffalo' using the lenses to retell the story in their own words as an independent write. The children have really impressed me so far with their hard work in RWI and it is great to see such enthusiasm and eagerness to read and write, they are continuing to develop reading fluently and we can’t wait to continue this next half term. 

In music we created musical sound effects in response to 'The Gruffalo'. We listened to the soundtrack from the 'Gruffalo' film and learnt to sing the 'Gruffalo' song. We learnt to play the clavers and were introduced to stick notation.

In Geography we have enjoyed learning about the weather and seasons. We started our unit by learning the months of the year and the four seasons. Through looking at different photographs we learnt to look for the signs of each season. We looked at different articles of clothing and decided which season we would wear each in. We made wind gauges and a rainfall measuring tool to keep track of the weather. Using the weather symbols we have learnt, we have been recording the weather daily and will continue to keep track of this all year.  To finish our unit we visited the park to find the signs of autumn.

In computing we have been learning all about coding. First, we learnt to follow simple instructions and how these are algorithms.  We used the directions of forward, backwards, left and right to write simple algorithms for 'The Gruffalo' to find the different animals in the woods. We then wrote our own algorithms to direct Bee-Bot around the ocean to different animals the snail found on his journey with the whale. Most of us were confident directing Bee-Bot and could also ‘debug’ him and make changes to our algorithm when we hit a problem. We are super problem solvers! 

We began our Art work by looking at shape in abstract compositions by Beatriz Milhazes and used coloured circles to compose our very own piece of abstract art.  We studied the work of Bridget Riley, using a specific technique to create our own class master piece using different lines in chalk. We then moved on to the artists David Hockney & Vija Celmins, using lines to represent the waves in the sea. Finally, we looked at colour mixing the primary colours to make secondary colours using playdough and paint.

In PE we have explored the school games value of passion through a gymnastics unit. We began our unit by learning how to safely move equipment around the hall, learning how to lift and carry safely and we understand that this is a key skill. Following on from this we learnt how to travel safely around the hall, at different speeds, levels and in different ways, we pretended to be different zoo animals to help us with this. Throughout the unit we learnt how to make and hold different shapes such as; log rolls, egg rolls, Teddy bear rolls and straight jumps, tuck jumps and star jumps. Towards the end of our unit we focused on being able to link two actions to make a sequence and to also link two or more actions with a movement. We worked independently and were able to perform our sequences in front of each other. 

In RE we enjoyed learning all about Harvest, learning how and why as Christians we celebrate it within England and enjoyed putting this into practice through our online celebration with church. We then looked at God and his amazing creation of the world, understanding how he feels when we don't look after it.