Geography in Year 3- Creating an aerial map of our school  (Summer Term 2)


Geography in Year 4- Chernobyl (Summer Term 2)

(Cross-curricular links: PSHE & C & History)


Geography in Year 3- Investigating physical and human features of the landscape (Summer Term 2)

(Cross-curricular links: Computing & History)


Geography in Year 1- The United Kingdom (Summer Term 1)

(Cross-curricular links: Literacy)


Geography in Year 4- Russia (Summer Term 2)


Geography in Year 5- The Rainforest (Summer Term 1)

(Cross-curricular links: Science)


Geography in Year 2- China (Spring Term 1)

(Cross-curricular links: Art and British Values)


Geography in Year 1- Continents and Oceans (Spring Term 1)

(Cross-curricular links: Computing)


Geography in Year 4- Rivers (Autumn Term 2)

(Cross-curricular links: Computing)


Geography in Year 6- Mountains (Autumn Term 2)

(Cross-curricular links: Art and Reading)


Geography in Year 3- Countries and Cities in Britain Unit (Autumn Term 2)

(Cross-curricular link: Computing)


Geography in Year 5- Compass Points and Co-ordinates Unit (Autumn Term 1)

During Autumn Term 1, the children in Year 5 have been using their knowledge of compass points and co-ordinates to solve a range of problems in their Geography lessons.


Geography in Year 1- Maps (Autumn Term 1)

(Cross-curricular link: Outdoor Learning, Computing and Art)

During Autumn Term 1, Year 1 have been learning about maps and their local area.  They began their unit of work by looking at familiar physical and human features within their local environment. They then learnt about aerial and side view, completing physical outdoor orienteering activities and learning how to navigate around a simple map using north, south, east and west. Finally they looked at local landmarks by completing a walk to the park, where they took pictures of them and then used these to help them draw simple symbols on a map.


Geography in Year 2- Maps (Autumn Term 1)

(Cross-curricular link: Art and Computing)

Year 2 have been learning all about maps.  They began their unit of work by using the compass rose to give directions on a pirate treasure map and then after looking at aerial views of the UK to spot landmarks, they then went out into their local environment to find local landmarks. In groups they recorded where they were on a map of the area, to help them make their own maps back in school.