Our Year 3 Class


A very warm welcome to our Year 3 class page.  In Year 3 the children are new to the juniors and sometimes a little nervous, so they need to spend time adjusting to new routines and expectations. The children enjoy the opportunity to develop their skills further and generally settle in really quickly to Key Stage 2. They become confident working both independently and in groups, seeing the huge benefits of sharing their ideas and learning. They especially enjoy Wednesdays because they get to go swimming!


Our Year 3 Class 2021-2022


Class Information


Who's Who

Mrs Evans- Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Cottrell - Teaching Assistant



Things to remember

Please remember that homework is due in by WEDNESDAY each week.

P.E. lessons - For Spring Term, PE will be on a Wednesday (swimming) and a Friday. The children will need to come to school in their outdoor PE kits.

Please remember to write your child's name on all of their uniform and sports kits to avoid confusion within class.

It is important that children read regularly at home, we appreciate that it may not always be possible but encourage you to do so. The reading record is now to be sent through on Seesaw, with the Reading Record folder tagged. We ask for one video every few weeks to be sent as we can give feedback on how you can help your child improve at home. 


This half term.... Summer Term 1 (April - May 2022)


The first half term of the final term!! 


English - Initially the children will complete an independent information text all about how plants defend themselves. This lends into the remaining science work that they need to complete, having covered all Year 2 objectives that were missed from Covid as well as the Year 3 ones. They will then spend time performing, understanding and writing various different types of poetry. They will focus on poems such as The Sound Collector, Chocolate Cake and If I Ruled The World. These all tie in with various other elements of their curriculum. Towards the end of the half term when we have attended our very exciting whole-school trip to Chester Zoo, the children will begin to write a persuasive leaflet all about this location. Grammar and punctuation focuses are headings/subheadings, regular and irregular past tense verbs, identifying word classes including adverbs and prepositions and main & subordinate clauses.

Our reading skills lessons will support the children's knowledge gathering across the curriculum covering topics such as seed dispersal, crime and punishment and fairgrounds as well as some poetry. The skills focuses will continue to cover the VIPERS skills as well as building vocabulary and inference. Inference skills will be built using Reading Between the Lines activities.

Our class reader for this half term will be James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl before moving on to reading a variety of poems.


Spellings - We continue to use Spelling Shed, following the Year 3 scheme as well as dipping back to review any spelling rules needed. We will also focus on the Year 3 statutory word lists.


Maths-  Fractions, fractions and more fractions!! The children's knowledge within this strand will be limited due to Covid lockdowns. Therefore we will begin with securing Year 2 objectives alongside Year 3 aims. The children will continue to work hard to secure their developing times table facts, which will support their learning around fractions. Lots of practical work will be completed to show children that fractions are not just pizza shapes - they will use different representations within their work and come to link their already good knowledge of part-whole models to fractions. The children will understand and use the correct fractions vocabulary including denominator, numerator, unit and non-unit fractions. Once secure with halves and quarters, they will begin to use other fractions, including tenths, counting up and down and ordering as well as finding equivalence with the support of diagrams. 


Science - The children will complete their work on plants! The classroom has looked like a mini greenhouse during the last half term and so they will finalise their investigations by making conclusions based on their plants growth. They will also dissect flowers, learning why the parts are important in the pollination process. Finally they will find out how seeds are moved around! 


History - The children's Crime and Punishment unit covers the long arc of history. They will delve into the different eras and reigns and learn how the theme has changed over 1000 years. What were people punished for 800 years ago? And how was it decided? What was considered a crime and why? How did the Industrial Revolution change crime and punishment? How might crime change in the future? There is so much to find out about this topic and children will be able to use their skills of continuity and change, chronology and cause and consequence to best show their own interpretation of this intriguing theme. We will even take a trip to the Local Historical Archives to find out what local people were given punishments for!


Computing - 'We are pollsters' - The children will develop an online survey for the children to complete following the whole school trip to Chester Zoo. Having carefully devised the questions, they will then need to interpret data. They will be able to use this within their persuasive leaflet about the Zoo that they will be writing!


Design & Technology - Year 3 will be designing and making a ferris wheel! Using knowledge of how wheels work they will research the structures and how they are stable even though they have moving parts. They will use different materials to find the best to create a stable and strong structure. They will even try to include pods on their ferris wheel!


French - Transport


Music- In line with their English poetry, the children will select vocal and instrumental sounds to accompany the poem 'The Sound Collector' by Roger McGough. They will then create a musical retell of the poem, before exploring timbre to create a descriptive piece of music. Finally they will compose a soundscape to match their local environment.


PE -

Our School Games Value is HONESTY

 This complements the Heartsmart theme of 'Fake is a Mistake' which teaches the children to be proud of who they are and to communicate truths bravely. Visit the website www.heartsmartprimary.com for more information on what Heartsmart is all about.

Athletics - in preparation for our sports day next half term, the children will learn about the techniques of sprinting, including agility turns in their sprinting relays too! They will learn the correct technique for hurdling aswell as jumping for height and distance. Finally they will practise throwing events including javelin, shot put and target throws. 


Swimming - continues this half term every Wednesday.


RE - Which rules should be follow? - This unit encourages the children to think about what God's rules are for us, and where they came from. They learn about Moses and the Ten Commandments, before reflecting on Jesus's greatest commandment. We then consider how relevant these rules are today, whether some are more important than others and how Christians live them in the actions they choose.



Spring Term 2 NEWS!

During Spring Term 2...... it began with a delivery of Books in a Box for World Book Day! The children had gone to great effort to create their designs and were lucky enough to be read to by a Leigh Centurion Rugby player! The Reading Shop continued to gain customers as the children continued to collect Reading Rubies for their home reading efforts.

The second half of the spring term seemed to whizz by! We’ve completed some very practical aspects of learning! Our science learning was immensely practical, planting seeds in various environments (including plastic bags!) and watching to see what happens. The children created their own investigations and learned alot about how to run an experiment and keep it fair! Science Week fell during this half term too, so we investigated lots of fruit to find the seeds. We dissected seeds and observed closely, using our observations to draw. We might also have eaten some! Lots of our plants are growing strong and healthily, although the children did discover that some didn't have enough of what they needed!

In Maths, the children solved mixed multiplication and division problems before completing their money unit. They were great mathematicians when it came to finding all possibilities - this is a reasoning challenge that they really seem to thrive on and they showed great perseverance and determination too! They are fantastic at using equipment to further and demonstrate their learning and love to 'get practical' in their lessons!

Towards the end of the term we began our preparations for Easter. After retelling the different parts of Holy Week, the children designed their own crosses showing the sadness and joy of this Christian celebration. The class took part in the Easter service in Church, which was very special as it was the first one at Church for a while! They sang 'See Those Hands' beautifully within the service. The Easter bunny even paid a visit to school on the last day!! 

In PE the children finished learning gymnastic skills such as cartwheels and handstands. They used linking movements to perform a short sequence and we even watched one of our own little gymnasts perform a floor routine at a competition. They then returned to benchball as they finally got to use their PE time outside! The children were much better at working as a team and were able to apply their previously learned skills within attacking and defending. We moved the learning on by setting a time limit to hold the ball, encouraging quicker passing, and by using some simple tactics.


During Well Being, the children discussed several elements including grief, leaving your comfort zone and growing up! They discussed all with maturity and sensitivity and really related to the ocean animals that the scheme uses to help explain each focus. We especially liked the puffer fish when it comes to thinking about if our reactions to things are proportional!!


Well done everyone - keep working hard. You're doing a grand job!!


Spring term 1 NEWS!

During Spring Term 1 we worked hard...where did the time go?!

We have tried to focus a lot this half term on the basics; presentation of work, spelling words correctly that we know how to spell, handwriting, basic number facts. This will continue as it is HUGELY important! 


In our writing, the children used the story of The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark to write a modelled narrative, they even got to listen to Princess Catherine read the story! They then used the big idea of the story and flipped it to write their own narrative about the Dark who was afraid of Light. Reading Skills daily fed beautifully into our history unit and supported the children finding out lots of information about different monarchs before they tackled them in the history lessons. This made a huge difference to them being able to apply their historical skills rather than learning facts. During the history lessons the children were thoroughly immersed in role play and drama to help them learn what we think different monarchs were like and how they used their power. They compared monarchs and could identify how changes in power happened over time and why. 


We have spent time in Maths really getting to know our x3 x4 x8 tables. This will continue into Spring 2 as we begin to use written methods for multiplication and division. Further, we have seen our Reasoning and Problem Solving challenges increase in number, which will continue further into Spring 2. How to reason, both verbally and in a written way, is a skill the children need to be taught and practise. Sometimes it's frustrating but it's also very satisfying when we find a solution! The children are becoming much more secure with using representations to help them to solve problems and identify which operation they need. 


Our RE work saw us thinking about the miracle stories of Jesus in the Bible. The children spent some time finding out about these as, over lockdowns, they weren't as familiar as usual to them. They then found out about Mother Teresa and how she worked and gave her life to God in order to change lives. Finally the children chose the Salvation Army as their class charity as this group of people show Faith in Action - they carry out Jesus' work and change live through their actions.


In our PE lessons, we reviewed and developed rolls and we can all now do a forward roll! Most of us can complete a backwards roll too!  With the support of Premier Sports, we were able to take part in jumps from height allowing the children to try to get their body in the best controlled positions. The class also then learned how to do a handstand and a cartwheel....and this is where we continue for Spring 2!


In Science, our work has been heavily investigative all about light and dark. The children loved using the torches to investigate reflective materials and patterns in shadows. They even performed their own shadow puppet theatre of Humpty Dumpty to investigate changing sizes of shadows. The children designed some amazing sunglasses to show their understanding of sun safety! They are becoming much more confident with planning and writing up investigations and much better at group work!


Here's to another jam packed half term!



Autumn Term 2 NEWS!

During Autumn 2 we carried on working our socks off! The children are now thoroughly settled into Year 3 life. As always the children worked VERY hard in November and had an exciting December beginning to celebrate Christmas. After spending time writing some poems for Remembrance Day and Anti Bullying Week, the children then were introduced to an explanation text based around the book 'The Street Beneath My Feet'. We continued our work on word classes, focusing on verbs, adverbs, prepositions, adjectives and nouns, as well as reviewing sentence types and commas in a list. The children have also completed cross curricular writing this half term in the form of an information page about life in the Himalayas. 


In Maths the children focused heavily on addition and subtraction, working hard to improve their mental maths skills, adding multiples of tens and hundreds, as well as learning the written column addition method. We have problem solved and reasoned through out, allowing the children to begin to understand how much place value comes into all kinds of maths work! We have also returned frequently to efficient use of number bonds to support our mental calculations. Lots of us have improved our recall of times table facts too!


In Science the children met Magnets! They always absolutely enjoy investigating through out this unit and there is always lots of scope for scientific discussion. They worked in groups to investigate which magnet was the strongest, and wrote up their investigation too! The children became familiar with Venn diagrams, sorting materials into magnetic and non-magnetic and then finally they met some other forces, like pushes, pulls and friction! 


In French, the children worked incredibly hard on learning how to describe shapes with adjectives of colour and size - they discovered more about the position of French adjectives in a sentence! More work on cognates and near-cognates made the job of learning the vocabulary for different colours all the more easy. Then, the children learned about a famous French aritst called Henri Matisse and looked at his 'Christmas Night' window. Inspired by this, and armed with their new vocabulary, the children put all their French learning to work with some festive work using size, colour and shape.


During P.E. the children showed great progress in their invasion games unit! They learned about some different passes, moving into space to receive a ball, attacking and defending! For some, this was a huge amount to learn as many of us had little experience of playing invasion games. By the end of the half term, the children were able to play a mini tournament of bench ball, applying all that they had learnt!


Our R.E. journey has led us to think about God With Us - God sending Jesus to us on Earth. They children learnt that this is called 'the incarnation' and investigated its meaning by using the Big Frieze. They considered what it meant to be 'present' and how we can feel God's presence around us, as well as what this often looks like in pictures or artwork. Finally the began to understand Faith in Action - that Christians choose to help others as in doing that they are helping Jesus and God. We found out about the Salvation Army and how they have Christianity at their core, believing that their work is in God's name.

The children chose the Salvation Army as their Courageous Advocacy charity.


To top it all off, we managed a Christmas cinema trip and a Christmas party! Can't be bad!!!!!


Autumn Term 1 NEWS!

During the first half of Autumn term........

We were very busy settling in, and we did a great job too! We are all now used to the Key Stage 2 routines and the children have made good head way into more independent decision making and organisation. Moving into Year 3 has been a huge step, particularly given current challenges and I look forward to watching the children grow even more during the coming weeks.

In our learning, we have absolutely enjoyed learning about volcanoes, mountains, earthquakes, rocks, fossils, soil....! The children have been so engaged and have responded well to cross curricular links between subjects. PE and music were also linked closely with this topic, using the same piece of music 'In the Hall of the Mountain King' to create several dances using tornadoes, volcanoes and earthquakes as stimuli! Our writing saw us use The Write Stuff approach to strip back a little and really focus on the grammatical elements of writing. Children have consolidated their understanding of different word classes and then used them to build sentences piece by piece. Following the geographical learning as themes, they have produced several short descriptions. The children have continued to read both as whole class and in smaller groups to develop their fluency and comprehension skills. In class, we have read a few books this half term, including 'When the Giant Stirred', and 'Sincerely, Giraffe' which proved a huge hit! In maths, the children have worked hard on 3 digit numbers, trying hard to secure their place value knowledge using equipment and pictorial methods, trying to apply it fluently, yet flexibly around problems and reasoning. They have worked particularly hard on using the correct vocabulary - digit, place value, sum, to name just a few. They have also spent time catching up and refreshing times table knowledge and have really progressed well! In Number Ninjas the children have focused on number facts and applied previous learning within the four operations. During Computing, the children used the Tynker app to learn key concepts of animations and created their own short animation using this learning. We have also learnt about how different countries celebrate Harvest, and understood that it is a festival that is celebrated by many faiths. We also spent time learning about the Jewish festival of Sukkot and then used our DT lessons to design and build our own Sukkah! 

The class as a whole have been practising listening skills, and trying to find solutions for small problems we might come across during the day. They are gaining confidence in making such decisions (and seeing how it goes!) and have the potential to be a very mature and responsible group of young people. They have been a pleasure to spend my days with, especially as they have begun to  'come out of their shells!'.

We can't wait to get cracking next half term - it's a busy one and always has a lovely feel as we move towards Christmas!