Our Year 3 Class


A very warm welcome to our Year 3 class page.  In Year 3 the children are new to the juniors and sometimes a little nervous, so they need to spend time adjusting to new routines and expectations. The children enjoy the opportunity to develop their skills further and generally settle in really quickly to Key Stage 2. They become confident working both independently and in groups, seeing the huge benefits of sharing their ideas and learning. They especially enjoy Wednesdays because they get to go swimming!


Our Year 3 Class 2020-2021


Class Information


Who's Who

Mrs Evans- Year 3 teacher

Mrs Cottrell- Teaching Assistant

Miss Thistlethwaite - Teaching Assistant



Things to remember

Please remember that homework is due in by WEDNESDAY each week.

P.E. lessons - For Summer Term, PE will be on a Wednesday and Friday. The children will need to come to school in their outdoor PE kits.

Please remember to write your child's name on all of their uniform and sports kits to avoid confusion within class.

It is important that children read regularly at home, we appreciate that it may not always be possible but encourage you to do so. The reading record is now to be sent through on Seesaw, with the Reading Record folder tagged. We ask for one video every few weeks to be sent as we can give feedback on how you can help your child improve at home. 


This half term...... Summer Term 2 (June-July 2021)

English - For our final half term in Year 3, the children will firstly produce a narrative based on the Literacy Shed film clip 'Soar'. The will use the Writing Rainbow to bring together all their learning to write a setting description before telling the story of Mara and her little aeronautical friend! This gives the children chance to show off their skills using lots of Fantastics and Grammaristics and shows them how to build a scene to create and effect on the reader. We will then move on to non-fiction writing to produce an explanation text based around our science unit. The children will use their findings from science lessons to explain the functions of skeletons and muscles in our bodies. The children will therefore return to the use of subheadings and the use of appropriate word choice to create the correct tone for the writing.

After a class vote, the children have chosen to read 'My Brother is a Superhero' as their class reader. 

For spellings we will continue to practise key words and continue working through the Spelling Shed scheme. 


Maths - Fractions! The children will develop their knowledge of fractions and, naturally, times tables. The bar model will be their new best friend! We will begin by understanding halves and quarters, aswell as what a fraction actually mean. Fractions as wholes and equal parts will be modelled in different ways to support the children's learning. The learning will be very practical! The children have worked hard on developing their reasoning and problem solving skills and have really shown how they can help each other by working in pairs. They will need this skill this half term! As always, we will continue to keep key addition and subtraction skills bubbling along too.


Science & DT - The children's final science unit is Healthy Eating & the body. This links across both our English work and our DT work. Across both the units, we will begin by investigating the seasonality of food, and understanding that some food is reared and grown in the UK and others are imported into the country. We make a Japanese skewer! We then think about the jobs of the different food groups and how they help our bodies, and that foods with similar colours have similar benefits for us. We tie this together by designing a balanced seasonal tart using ingredients that are currently in season, before making our yummy tart!

After all this, we look at our skeletons and find out all about why we have one! To understand the strength in bones, children are challenged to create a structure from paper that will hold a tennis ball, in order to mimic a ball and socket joint. This is always a great lesson! We discover how we move, and that without muscles, our bones wouldn't move at all!


RE - After learning about Moses and the Ten Commandments, and how Christians follow these rules, we move on to thinking about what rules other religions might follow. We learn about lots of Jewish rules, and how they differ to Christian rules. We also learn about the 5 pillars of Islam, always looking at how the followers of these religions live them out in their actions. 

PE - The children continue swimming lessons this half term, aswell as continuing with their athletics unit. They are preparing for Sports Day! They will learn techniques for standing long jump and a vertical jump, as well as challenging their personal best on the speed bounce. Our sporting value for this half term is Determination, linked to our HeartSmart unit - 'No Way Through' isn't True! The children will be encouraged to TRY, and see that sometimes you have to keep trying!

School Games – Amber Valley School Sport Partnership CIO

Geography - Our Geography unit continues. Following on from our learning all about our local area, we will firstly look at land use around Leigh, and how this might be changing in the near future. The children will find out about HS2, learning of its impacts, and its pros and cons. We will be creating surveys as part of our Computing data unit and so we will practise this by conducting a survey of local people. Unfortunately we can't travel to Blackpool where we usually complete the rest of the geography unit, but we will still look at different maps of Blackpool, finding human and physical features. We will look at new and old maps and compare the land use, then we will compare all of this back to Leigh to understand why different areas use land differently and how people impact on this. We are hoping to complete our Computing from last half term too and finally get to film our advert for Leigh!


French - During this half term the children will learn about transport, being able to answer the questions 'Where are you going?' and 'How will you get there?'. They learn new vocabulary related to transport, find out how to use the verb 'aller' to talk about places to go and what transport they might use to get there. They also find out about different French speaking countries!


Wow! We have a lot to do!! 


Summer Term 1 NEWS!


During Summer 1...

We showed some great learning! Our half term of emotions produced some fantastic work! The children wrote personification poems 'If Fear were an animal....' and personified 'fear' as a bat. Their ideas were amazing! They also wrote some fantastic instructions for How to Have the Heart of a Lion, understanding as they went, not only features of instructions but so much more than this. They have become a class of children who are willing to 'try' and who are beginning to be well equipped on what to do if things sometimes don't go their way. They worked super hard on their times tables, beginning to apply them as related calculations to support their mental strategies. They also learned about shapes, lines and angles! We saw some competitiveness in PE as we learned the best technique when sprinting and hurdling, and how to complete a relay as a team! The little fish in the pool are progressing well - lots of the early swimmers are almost ready to lose their arm bands! Lots of our learning across the rest of the curriculum was linked to Geography. we found out lots about our local area - the children loved using Digimaps to compare their home town now to the past. They have begun to plan their advertisement for Leigh, using key landmarks and services as 'selling points' in their advert. We planned our own town and created a map of the school - that proved tricky! Our Lowry artwork was AMAZING! The class showed a great understanding of perspective and thoroughly enjoyed finding out about LS Lowry as a local artist. We had some very interesting debates about which Commandment is the most important during our RE lessons - these lessons are always enlightening when we see them through the children's eyes! They also wrote some rather interesting rules 'If I ruled the world...', but showed a great understanding of how God wants us to live out our lives. We concluded the half term with the Good to be Green afternoon, rewarding the children for making the right choices.  



During Spring term we were in Lockdownso News updates were done collaboratively through Seesaw

Autumn Term 2 NEWS!

During Autumn 2 we carried on working our socks off! The children are now thoroughly settled into Year 3 life. As always the children worked VERY hard in November and had an exciting December beginning to celebrate Christmas. 

After spending a little time further developing our narrative writing skills using the short film 'La Luna', we wrote a Remembrance poem using similes before learning about prehistoric Skara Brae and writing a persuasive leaflet for this Neolithic luxury 'Hotel'. Our class reader was @The Boy Who Made The World Disappear' which was very much enjoyed by the children! We also used 'Cave Girl' and 'Flotsom' to develop our inference skills. Within maths, the children focused heavily on addition and subtraction, learning patterns and bonds to support mental strategies as well as being introduced to writing methods. They have also continued to learn their times tables in preparation for using these number facts this term.

Cross-curricular links were strong across history and art. As the class learned about the Stone Age in Britain, they created their own versions of cave art based on the Lascaux caves in France. We even went on a virtual tour there! The children used pastels and charcoal to create a huge cave wall. They then improved their sketching skills in pencil whilst learning about Stone Henge! The children have discovered how farming made Stone Age life much better, how important skills like hunting and creativity were and how the development of the use of bronze and iron led to exciting inventions like the chariot and mirrors!

Our science work saw us spend a lot of exciting time investigating how magnets behave! The children were amazed the find they could move things 'by magic'. They also learnt how contact forces are different from magnetic forces and about how friction affects how things move.

Our first unit of French, ‘Moi’ (All About Me) has got off to a flying start! We spent a long time considering France as a country, where French is spoken in the world and investigating different aspects of French culture – the children were most impressed with some footage shown to them of the moment when contact was made between British and French engineers in the Euro Tunnel back in 1990! We’ve also made some impressive progress with early vocabulary learning (focusing on greeting each other, introducing themselves and saying how they are feeling), and hope next half-term to progress towards responding to and asking questions about ages as we attempt to learn numbers from 1 to 10. Work with possessive adjectives (mon and ma) and some further phonetical work as we also move towards learning colours, will hopefully keep us busy and allow us to even take a look at Christmas traditions in France!

During P.E. the children continued their Gymnastics skills, with a continued focus on stability, balance and control. Through out the term they have worked on such skills as balances, using their body to create different shapes, using rolls to travel and link movements, jumps, spins and turns. They had just been introduced to the vault when we managed to secure extra swimming lessons and so, happily, Year 3 began their swimming journey!

In our RE learning, we have learnt all about the prophets who were called by God. We considered how God called them, why he chose them and how they felt and behaved. We had a virtual interview with Reverend Saunders and Adam about how they were called by God and what impact it has had on their lives. The children asked some thoughtful questions and were able to understand that receiving a calling can require courage and bravery and isn't always easy.

After a very long and very different term, the children finished off the year in style with outdoor Christmas party games, indoor pin-the-carrot-on-the-snowman, a Santa dash and a virtual Rapunzel pantomime!



Autumn Term 1 NEWS!

During the first half of Autumn term........

We were very busy settling in, and we did a great job too! We are all now used to the Key Stage 2 routines and the children have made good head way into more independent decision making and organisation. Moving into Year 3 has been a huge step, particularly given current challenges and I look forward to watching the children grow even more during the coming weeks.

In our learning, we have absolutely enjoyed learning about volcanoes, mountains, earthquakes, rocks, fossils, soil....! The children have been so engaged and have responded well to cross curricular links between subjects. The children have also designed and coded an animation based on Mary Anning's fossil discovery! PE and music were also linked closely with this topic, using the same piece pf music 'In the Hall of the Mountain King' to create a dance and a class composition! Our writing saw us meet The Write Stuff. The children responded well to this new approach and, after producing a class piece based on the book 'Flood', the then wrote their own narrative based around fleeing an erupting volcano. In addition, they have maintained their regular reading at home, which has enabled us to begin to develop VIPERS skills within class. We have read several books this half term, including 'When the Giant Stirred', 'Ruby's Worry', 'The Lion Inside' and 'The Boy Who Made The World Disappear'. In maths, the children have worked hard on 3 digit numbers, trying hard to secure their place value knowledge, trying to apply it fluently, yet flexibly around problems and reasoning. They have worked particularly hard on using the correct vocabulary - digit, place value, sum, to name just a few. They have also spent time catching up and refreshing times table knowledge and have really progressed well! We have learnt about how different countries celebrate Harvest, and understood that it is a festival that is celebrated by many faiths. We spent time learning about the Jewish festival of Sukkot and then used our DT lessons to design and build our own Sukkah! 

The class as a whole have been practising listening skills, and trying to find solutions for small problems we might come across during the day. They are gaining confidence in making such decisions (and seeing how it goes!) and have the potential to be a very mature and responsible group of young people. They have been a pleasure to spend my days with, especially as they have begun to  'come out of their shells!'.

We can't wait to get cracking next half term - it's a busy one and always has a lovely feel as we move towards Christmas!