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School Dinners


It is the responsibility of all parents/guardians to order their child/ren's dinners at home through Wigan's Online Evolve system. The cut off time is 9am on the day that the meal is required.

To log into your child's account you must go to the


Ordering meals

To order meals for your child you will need to click on Service, and from the drop down list choose Primary meals:

  • If you are not already in your child’s account the screen will ask Who’s Eating, allowing you to click on a name
  • The school menu will open and defaults to the current day

PC/ Laptop View – with the days of the week down the right hand side of the screen

Phone or Tablet view - with the days of the week at the bottom of the screen on tabs.

  • To select a meal click on the picture. The meal choice will turn red on the main screen:

And will be added to your meal list on the left PC/ Laptop view

Phone and Tablet View: You can see the meals selected on the course headers. These headers also open and close up when you press on the arrows.

Note: All meals have allergen and dietary information next to their picture, to see what the icons stand for just click/ press on them.

  • Once all meals have been chosen click/ press on Add to Basket

The number next to the basket tells you how many meals you have added.

  • Once you have added to the basket all your meal choices will be highlighted in yellow. This is to show they have been selected but not yet processed.
  • Now click on the basket to make any payments and process your meal selections:

Before you click on Process you can Remove any items that you no longer want, or Save an item that you do not want to process yet.

  • Once you are ready to order click on Process, if you do not pay for your school meals you will see a message thanking you for your order
  • If you do pay for school meals you will be taken to the payment page.
    After entering your card details you can choose for your card to be remembered. If you choose this option you will be asked to enter your phone number for security details.


Reviewing Allergies and Dietary Preferences

  • Your activation letter will also tell you if there are any food allergies or dietary preferences recorded against your child.
  • If these are wrong or incomplete you need to change these in the system, so that your child only sees meals that are applicable to them.
  • To change these you will need to click on Accounts in the top right of your screen and choose your child’s name.
  • You will notice once you have chosen a different Account name the name shown in the top left of the screen will change also.
  • Now go to Settings on the menu on the right hand side of your screen. (If using a Phone or Tablet click on the 3 black lines in the top left to open your menu options up)
  • To change any of these Settings click on Edit.

Please note that under Allergies only the 14 legally required allergens are listed, if you need to be more specific please speak to your school.

  • You can change these allergens and Dietary Preferences at any time if needed.


Allergens Guidance


Allergens Guidance for Loose Foods


Meal History

Viewing orders made

To view the meal orders that you have made go to Primary Meals. The main screen will show you the last 5 orders that have been made, and you also have a Manage Orders button

  • To see your orders in more detail click on Manage orders either through this screen or from your menu on the left hand side:

The Manage Orders screen allows you to view your orders in more detail, and also look at specific types, such as all orders that have been cancelled, or taken.

  • Clicking on the View button allows you to see the order in more detail.

Fulfilled Paid: This means that the meal order has been served.

Preparing Paid: The meal is now in the window of being prepared and can no longer be cancelled

Created paid: The meal is outside of the school cut off time, so you can cancel the meal and get a refund (if applicable)

Please Note: It is your responsibility to cancel your child’s meal, if due to sickness/ holiday etc your child will be unable to access their ordered meal, to enable you to claim a refund. A refund is authorised by the school.


 Menu 2023/2024- NEW


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I have a single account/ login for all of my children?

Yes you can have all of your children on the one single account, even if the children attend different schools (the schools must use the myevolvehub online system though). Just request an auth code from the schools office for them all.


Can another payer, such as partner, ex-partner, grandparent, order and pay for meals for my child?

Yes you can have additional payers with their own accounts linked to your child’s meal orders. Please contact school to arrange for another auth code for them.


There are items in my basket with a line through saying invalid, what does this mean?

If an item is saying that it’s invalid it is usually because you have missed the cut off time for ordering this meal. Our cut off time is 9am.


I want to cancel a meal, but I cannot see the cancel button. If the cancel button is not visible then you have missed the cut off time for cancelling the meal. Please check with the office what the cut off times are for cancelling meals.