Home School Agreement

Pupils achieve their best when teachers, parents and pupils support each other in partnership


In partnership, parents expect the school to :


  • provide a safe, orderly and caring school environment
  • provide a curriculum and teaching that will enable each child to achieve his/her best
  • encourage personal and social development, respect and self-discipline
  • issue regular information about progress and achievement and early warning of problems
  • be welcoming and supportive of parents, visitors and members of the community


In partnership, the school expects parents to: 


  • ensure that children attend school regularly, on time and provide a note for each absence
  • ensure that children are in uniform and bring the correct books and equipment
  • take an interest in progress and activities, attend parents’ evenings and ensure that homework is completed on time
  • support the standards, rewards and sanctions of our Behaviour and Discipline policy
  • make staff of any concerns or problems that affect the child’s life at school
  • be polite and supportive of staff and members of our school community


In partnership, the school and parents expect each pupil to: 


  • arrive at school and lessons on time with the correct equipment
  • be honest and truthful and not disrupt the learning of others
  • follow the teacher’s instructions first time and follow the school rules
  • respect other people and their property and take care of our school building and grounds
  • work as hard as possible at all times