Parent Feedback

Thank you to all the parents who take the time to complete our Parent questionnaires. Your comments are extremely important to us, as they help us to reflect on our current practice and how we can continue to support both the children and yourself.




As part of our continued commitment to helping ALL children be active throughout the school day, we are currently investigating ways to increase participation in physical activities and trying to understand what reason there may be that prevent some of our children accessing activity and sport. Your responses will be anonymous and no contact details will be required. We are very keen to create as many opportunities in school as possible that reach every child. School activity is not just about PE and sport, but about finding ways to get our children moving during other lessons and across the school day. If you could complete the survey, it will give up a starting point as we will be able to work with what parents, carers and the children want and need. Many thanks in advance for your support.


School Sports and Activity Survey- September 2019