Meet the Staff



Head Teacher:

Mrs Claire Hill


Deputy Head &  Reception Teacher:

Mrs Clair Gornall


  KS1 Lead/Inclusion  Manager & Y2 Teacher: 

Mrs Michele Clarke


Y2 Teacher:

Miss Kellie Barton


Y3 Teacher:

Mrs Linsey Evans


KS2 Lead/Inclusion Manager & Y4 Teacher:

Mrs Emma Monaghan


Y5 Teacher:

Mr Luke Wilkinson


Y6 Teacher: 

Mr Michael Hudson



Mrs Angela Kirkman


Pastoral Manager: 

Mr Andrew Southern


Senior Finance & Admin Manager: 

    Mrs Karen Dunstan   


Office Admin:

Mrs Eleanor Marsden



HLTA (Reception):

Mrs Kath Baines


PT Teaching Assistant (Reception):

Miss Catherine Thistlethwaite


PT Teaching Assistant (Reception):

Mrs Jacqueline Holmes


1 to 1 Teaching  Assistant (Reception):

Mrs Jean Jackson



Teaching Assistant (Y1)

Miss Suzanne Taverner


1 to 1 Teaching Assistant (Y1):   

 Mrs Laura Chadwick


1 to 1 Teaching Assistant (Y1): 

Miss Helen Isherwood


Teaching Assistant (Y2): 

Miss Siobhan Keay


1 to 1 Teaching Assistant (Y2):

Mrs Liz Bayatti


Teaching Assistant (Y3):

Mrs Tracey Harrison


HLTA (Y4):

Mrs Gema Jones


1 to 1 Teaching  Assistant (Y4):

Mrs Elaine Cottrell


Teaching  Assistant (Y5):

Mrs Amna Waqar


Teaching Assistant (Y6):

Mrs Katherine Bent


   1 to 1 Teaching Assistant (Y6):

Miss Colette German  

Gill, our School Cook and her team Susan &  Wendy 




               Lunchtime Assistant:

                      Mrs Watson



Mr Stephen Parry


Always in our thoughts:

Mrs Tracey Larner