Our Year 2 Class

A very warm welcome to our Year 2 class page.  In Year 2, our children are really starting to fly!  Building on previous years they become confident readers, writers and mathematicians. As school life falls into place, they find themselves our oldest infants and begin to develop a real sense of responsibility. I hope that you find all the information useful and if you have any questions I am available after school for a quick chat. As you can understand I need to be in class with the children in the mornings but messages can be passed through Mr Southern on the playground. If you need longer, an appointment can always be made through the school office or via the contact link below.


Our Year 2 Class 2017-2018


Class Information


Who's Who

Mrs Clarke- Year 2 teacher

Miss Taverner- Teaching Assistant

Miss German- Teaching Assistant

Miss McCulley- Higher Level Teaching Assistant





The guided reading schemes we use in Year 2 are:

  • Read, Write Inc
  • Oxford Reading Tree
  • Rigby Star

Home Reading books

Whilst your child will read regularly in school you can make a big difference by listening to your child read and asking them questions about what they have read for just ten minutes each night.


Please note: Your child will only change their books on a Friday, when they will bring two books home to read the following week. This is to allow your child to become a fluent reader and have time to spend discussing the text. This will develop their comprehension skills.



In Year 2 we follow Read, Write Inc




Homework will be given out on a Friday and is to be handed in on a Thursday.
The homework set will be Literacy and Numeracy based and sometimes Topic and will reflect what we have been learning during the week. This helps to reinforce learning that has taken place during the week and also inform us of any areas that your child may need further assistance with. We have also just launched our 'Seesaw' app which allows you to view your child's learning at home and will highlight areas that need extra practise at home to secure your child's targets.


This half term.... Autumn 1 (Sept - Oct 2017)


Over the next half term our topics are : .Healthy Me and Woodland Habitats.

We will begin by drawing a self-portrait and recapping the parts of the body. Looking at the 'Eat Well Plate', the children will discover what they should be eating to keep their bodies fit and healthy. By understanding what a 'hero' is, the children will chose their own hero and study heroes who help them to stay healthy. They will also look at significant nurses through history who have helped people. The children will explore where they live in the world and learn the countries of the UK including their capital cities. 

During the start of our topic on 'Habitats', the children will determine whether objects or living or not and identify what a habitat is. They will then look closely at a woodland habitat, deciding why each plant and animal is there and how they reply on each other to survive!


Our Literacy topics will include

Our literacy work will start by looking at a 'Literacy Shed Unit' called 'The bridge' which looks at working together to succeed! The children will sequence events and explain the meaning of the story. They will become familiar with the four types of sentences studied in Y2, (statement, command, question and exclamation). In addition they will gain an incite into past and present tense. Most of our literacy work will be taught through Read, Write, Inc. this half term. However, this will be enriched through story time. We will become familiar with 'Percy the Park keeper'.


Our Numeracy topics will include

This half term the children will become experts at place value. They will make two-digit number using 'Numicon' and 'Base 10', understanding the important of the position of each digit. They will be able to manipulate these numbers by adding/subtracting multiples of 10 and single digits, and seeing which digit changes. This will then lead onto addition and subtraction of two, two-digit numbers. Throughout our maths work the children will need to reason and explain their working out and be able to apply their knowledge to problem solving!


Our RE will be: –  The Bible and special books from non-christian faiths.


Our SEAL theme will be: New Beginnings



Dates for your diary


PE: Tuesdays and Thursday


Parents Evening: 17th & 18th October


Online Safety Enrichment Day: Friday 20th October