Our Reception Class


A very warm welcome to our Reception class page.  In Reception, our children start their journey by settling into school life and begin to develop into confident, independent learners. I hope you find all the information that we send home useful and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask us. The staff are always on hand both before and after school and our parent drop in runs every fortnight on a Tuesday afternoon between 1.15-2.15pm.





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Our Reception Class 2017-2018


Class Information


Who's Who

Mrs Gornall- Assistant Headteacher & Reception teacher

Mrs Baines- Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss McCulley- Higher Level Teaching Assistant (Wednesday and Thursday Afternoons)

Mrs Jackson- Teaching Assistant



Communication, Language & Literacy Development Information

The Reading Schemes we use in Reception are:                              

  • Floppy's Phonics & Pearson Phonics Bug (Individual Home Reading Books)
  • Read, Write Inc (Guided Reading Books)



The Phonics Scheme we use in Reception is:

  • Read, Write Inc                                                                                           


Find out more about Read, Write Inc here



Reading books
Please note, if your child has a reading book that needs changing, it should be placed in the books for changing box in the outdoor area each morning. Children who have been given a reading book should now be changing them regularly, at least once a week and should be reading at least 3 times a week at home.



At the beginning of Reception your child has been given a homework toolkit (Stripy zip bag) which was kindly paid for by Friends of School. This is to be kept at home and is to be used to help your child complete their homework. Please can you ensure that all the items are put safely back in the bag each time they are used as these need to be used throughout their time in Reception.

Please can you make sure that Homework Packets are returned to school by Thursday morning, so that they can be updated and sent out again on a Friday afternoon. Thank you.


Seesaw is our observation and assessment app which is used daily in class to record evidence for your child’s learning journey throughout their year with us in Reception.

Don’t forget to send Mrs Gornall postcards from home through Seesaw, as it is extremely important that parents are able to contribute to their children’s learning journeys just as much as the practitioners. If you don’t have internet access at home then you can still contribute by completeing a parent observation sheet and returning these to school when they are complete and you need a new one.


Please can you help!!! We are constantly trying to add to our resources and are always on the look out for the following items: Comics, magazines, prams, dolls, small world toys such as farms/train sets etc. scooters, bikes, jigsaw puzzles, games, dressing up costumes etc. If you are having a clear out  please could you check with Mrs Gornall whether we could use any items before throwing them out. Thank you.


This half term.... Autumn 1 (Sept-Oct 2017)


Over the next half term our topics will include:

  • Settling in (Part time 2 weeks)
  • Ourselves (3 weeks)
  • Colour (2 weeks)


During our settling in weeks we will be gathering observations as part of our on-entry assessments and will also be carrying out our own On-Entry Baseline assessment. 


In our Literacy time we will be looking at the following texts- All About Me, Nursery rhymes associated with being poorly, The Elephant and the Bad Baby, Elmer and The Rainbow Fish.

We will also have 2 new role play areas- one inside and one outside.  The first will be a Hairdresssers and the second will be a Shoe Shop.


In our Maths time we will be looking at the numbers 0-10 and beyond, learning to count accurately and order numbers correctly. We will be learning to use Numicon and will be developing our recognition of each of the number tiles. We will also be learning about shapes and repeating patterns.


In our Topic work we will be learning about:


  • Our bodies & different body parts
  • How we are the same and how we are different
  • Our 5 senses- Sight, Touch, Smell, Taste, Hearing
  • How we grow and change over time
  • Mixing colours and patterns
  • Developing good relationships with one another.

Our SEAL theme will be looking at 'New Beginnings'


Our RE focus will be 'I am Special'



Dates for your Diary:


Library Visits: 27th September & 11th October.

(Please make sure that you return your child’s library books by the morning of that day thank you)


Parent Drop In: Every other Tuesday afternoon from 19th September  1.15- 2.15pm


PE: Monday Mornings and Friday Afternoons


Healthy Lifestyle Team: Working with the children every Monday morning starting from 18th September for 5 weeks.


Educational Visit to Underwater Street: Tuesday 3rd October 


Parents Evening: 17th & 18th October 


Online Safety Enrichment Day: Friday 20th October