Art in Year 4- Sketching (Autumn Term 1)

(Cross-curricular link: History)



Art in Year 3 & 4- LOGOS 'Reflections' Exhibition (Autumn Term 1)

(Cross-curricular link: History and Literacy-Writng)



Art in Year 3- Shading & Tinting (Autumn Term 1)



Art in Year 2- Monet (Autumn Term 1)

(Cross-curricular link: History)



Art in Year 5- William Tyndale Sketches (Autumn Term 1)

(Cross-curricular link: History)

In RE, Year 5 have been learning all about the life of William Tyndale and decided to create a piece of artwork too. They first looked at the different techniques of shading, and the vocabulary linked to this skill and then used these skills in their portrait drawing. The results, I’m sure you’ll agree, were stunning!



Art in Year 6- Georgia O'Keeffe (Autumn Term 1)

(Cross-curricular link: History)

As a link to their topic work on mountains, Y6 created this artwork in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe by:

1 & 2) Studying Georgia O’Keeffe’s work, picking out her use of bright, vibrant colour and line

3) Creating a basic outline, picking out foreground and backing

4) Adding a base colour using oil pastel

5) Adding depth of and layers of colour

6) Adding detail and texture using a cocktail stick


LLG Art Exhibition