Our Year 4 Class


A very warm welcome to our Year 4 class page.  In Year 4 we are looking forward to the challenges ahead as the children are now fully settled into KS2. During this year the children will be encouraged to be proactive in their independent learning as well as building good relationships in order to work effectively as teams. The children will be nurtured and encouraged to work alongside others in a variety of contexts with a focus on problem solving, research and sharing ideas. 


Our Year 4 Class 2018-2019


Class Information


Who's Who

Mrs Monaghan- Year 4 teacher

Mrs Kirkman- Part-time teacher

Mrs Carroll- Teaching Assistant


P.E takes place on Wednesdays. The children must have their full kits in school for these lessons so that they can take part.


Homework will be given out each Friday. This is to be completed by the following Wednesday. 


Reading is encouraged both in school but also at home. Reading for enjoyment is as important as reading to learn. The classroom has a comfortable reading area as well as a listening station for audio books to help the children to learn about expression and tone when reading. The children are also encouraged to use the library and to choose books that they enjoy. 

It is important that the children read a range of books/comics/newspapers at home and develop their comprehension skills and vocabulary. This will help consolidate the reading work we will be doing in class. In Year 4, we feel it is important for the children to develop a love of reading as this gives their 'imagination wings'.


We will be continuing our 'Read Write Inc' spellings each week. The children will be bringing home a list of the Year 3/4 words they are still not sure how to spell. Please practise these at home(little and often).


In Year 4, the children have the fantastic opportunity to learn to play the guitar. Each child will be given their own guitar for the year so they can practise at home. They will need to bring their guitar to school every Thursday as the whole class have a lesson on Thursday afternoon. A guitar teacher from Wigan Music Service teaches these sessions. At the end of the school year all the children have the experience of performing in a concert.



This half term.... Spring 1 (January - February 2019)

In English we will start the term off with a new genre of writing for the children 'Explanation Texts'. We will be identifying the key features, discussing the use of language and then producing our own written explanations of the 'Water Cycle'. After this we will be looking at stories from other cultures. Using the short film clip ' Ride of Passage' from the Literacy shed website. During this topic the children will have the opportunity to:

  • create a story board
  • develop sentences into paragraphs
  • write a conversation between characters
  • write an edit a narrative independently. 

It is very important that as well as developing new skills in writing the children don't forget the basics and do always check that their work is punctuated correctly and makes sense.  Encouraging children to grow in confidence as writers and use their imagination is paramount as developing a love of writing is important in year 4!

We will continue with our class reader 'The secret of Platform 13' by Eva Ibbotson and are eager to find out if the rescue party can save the prince and bring him back to the Island before the Gump closes for another 9 years! We will also be developing our comprehension skills and thinking carefully about our reading VIPERS (vocabulary, infer, predict, explain, retrieve, sequence or summarise) It is important that the children continue to read a range of books/comics/newspapers at home and develop their comprehension skills and vocabulary. This will help consolidate the reading work we will be doing in class. In Year 4, we feel it is important for the children to develop a love of reading as this  gives their 'imagination wings'.

We will be continuing our 'Read Write Inc' spellings each week.  I will post on SEESAW each week the spelling rules we will be looking at. It is very important that you go through these with your child on a regular basis. 


In Mathematics we will start the first couple of days back consolidating our number work from last term. This half term we will continue with our morning 'Fluent in 5' maths activities during registration. This is an ideal opportunity for the children to revisit their number work and build on their previous learning. After this, we will continue our work on multiplication and division, thinking about the written methods in greater detail. We will also continue to develop our 'Captain Conjecture' reasoning skills and as one child said to me 'challenging our maths brains so they hurt!' After multiplication and division, we will look at area and then towards the end of the half term begin our topic on fractions.

By the end of Year 4 the expectation is that children can recall all their times tables facts up to 12 X 12. You can support your child by regularly asking them times tables questions at home. Making this fun will have more impact! TT Rockstars is fantastic for this and I will continue to set sessions for the children to complete weekly.


Geography - We will spend a couple of weeks finishing our topic on Rivers. Our two main areas will be looking at and comparing how a river has changed over time and how water effects settlement and the environment. After this we will continue with Geography for Spring 1 and we will be looking at Europe in greater detail. We will be:

  • Building on prior knowledge of UK regions by using maps to locate countries of Europe.
  • Study maps to make assumptions about the different areas of Europe. For example, using map keys to identify mountainous and urban areas.
  • Match key landmarks to the country and make suggestions about how landmarks affect the country.
  • Using eight points of a compass.


Art - In Art we will be learning about the French artist Pierre Adolphe Valette (1876 - 1942). He was a French Impressionist painter whose most acclaimed paintings are urban landscapes of Manchester. One of his famous art students was L.S. Lowry!


Science - We will be starting our new unit 'Living Things.'

During this unit the children will have the opportunity to:

  • To recognise that living things can be grouped in a variety of ways.
  • To recognise how a simple key helps identify living things.
  • To ask questions that can be used to construct a key. 
  • To observe key features of living things.
  • To recognise that environments can change and that this can sometimes pose dangers to living things. 
  • To examine invertebrates in their environment. 
  • To identify invertebrates with a simple key. 
  • To make careful observations.


RE - We will learn about 'Jesus, the son of God, and 'Shabbat'. The children will be exploring Jesus' authority revealed through his teaching and miracles. They will have the opportunity to explore the Jewish celebration of the Sabbath.

        Key Questions:

        What is authority?

        How do we know Jesus had authority?

        Where did Jesus' authority come from?


Heartsmart - The Heartsmart principle for this half term is 'Too much selfie, isn't healthy!' The children will be thinking about how they can be 'unselfie' by working well with others, listening to others and having a positive attitude to other peoples views, even if they are different to ours. It is about moving away from thinking about ME and starting to think about WE.

Visit the website www.heartsmartprimary.com for more information on what Heartsmart is all about.


Computing - To link in with the work we have completed in Science on the Water Cycle we will completing the computer unit 'Fixing Bugs'. In this unit the children will learn to :

  • Develop a number of strategies for finding errors in programs.
  • Build up resilience and strategies for problem solving.
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of Scratch.
  • Recognise a number of common types of bug in software.


French - The children this half term will cover a range of topics in French.

               * Time (Quelle heure est il?)

               * Days of the week (Les jours de semaine)



Dates for your Diary:


Parents Evening: 12th and 13th February 2019


Enrichment Day: Friday 15th February 2019




Wow, it has been an extremely busy half term in Year 4 and the children have continued to amaze me with their attitude and confidence. They continue to make me smile everyday and we have been very lucky to have Miss Briddon (Student Teacher) join the Christ Church Family. She will be working with us in Year 4 until February half term. Team work is something that we promote and encourage in class. It has been lovely to see the children continue to work well with others and develop their social skills inside and outside the classroom. Respect and compassion are important  Christian values in Year 4, the children demonstrated a real understanding of these values during our RE and Heartsmart work and didn't just talk the talk but walked the walk. Without a doubt they let their 'light ' shine through!. It has been a pleasure to see a positive working atmosphere develop in the classroom.

As well as learning about how to respect ourselves, our RE lessons based around Judaism helped the children to understand and respect other faiths. The children showed great sensitivity during this topic and understood that even though someone might have a different belief to us it is important that we show respect to them and value their opinions. After this, we looked at Jesus as the light of the world. As a class we discussed how each one us can shine our light on the world. Throughout the term we saw some wonderful examples of this!

The children have continued to work hard in maths this term. Highlights being the counting stick and displaying their fine voices during our daily maths songs! We are continuing to develop our reasoning skills and the children have loved our Captain Conjecture questions. They have worked hard on all their number work and now have a written strategy they can use for the 4 operations of number. We have used the bar method to help us to visualise problems and improved our overall sense of number.

During our English lessons the children continued to developed their non-fiction writing skills, producing some excellent information pages on an animal or insect of their choice. The children took on the challenge with enthusiasm and a positive work ethic. Independently, they researched their animal, organised their notes under sub-headings and produced a magnificent final draft. The children also produced some good work during our 'anti-bullying' week. Their work displayed sensitivity and and the a real understanding of 'respect'. It was lovely to see them working with Y3 on a combined Drama/English project.

The children have worked extremely hard across the curriculum. Highlights for me have been their wonderful light up jumpers in DT, detailed diagrams of how the water cycle works in Science along with creating their very own water cycle, their excellent explanations of the different features of rivers and their wonderful scratch art pictures of school.

The children's lights shone brightly during our end of term Christmas carol service. The children oozed confidence and pride when they stood at the front of a packed church. It was a delight see this! It was especially pleasing to see their great team work and how they supported and encouraged each other. We are extremely proud of them all!

Well done Year 4 on a super half term! Can't wait to get started again in the Spring term!



During the first half of Autumn Term we have found our feet! We had a great half term, developing routines and relationships and the children have amazed me with their work ethic and team work. We have shared learning in our Topic and Science lessons as well as in English and Maths. We have shared our ideas and understand how working as a team or with a partner can help our own learning journey. I am proud of all the hard work the children have put into their learning this half term!

All the children have developed their writing skills and are continuing to grow in confidence as writers. They have loved listening to our class reader 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', particularly some of the 'lost chapters' from Roald Dahl's earlier drafts. As a class they are enjoying reading in the mornings when they first arrive in school. It is a joy to see the children enjoying and discussing a range of books. The work the children produced around our class reader was amazing. I loved the new 'Golden Ticket Winners' they created and it was an absolute pleasure to read their own 'Chapter 15' for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. All of the children will bring a copy home to share with you after the half term, they will also have the opportunity to read each others chapters. After the holidays we will posting them to the Roald Dahl Museum! 

The children have worked hard with their maths and showed a great deal of perseverance when faced with the challenging task of reasoning and problem solving. They have continued to develop these skills  throughout the term. They are super at 'Spot the Mistake', especially when they have to tell me what mistakes I have made! We have been working hard on our understanding of place value and our counting, as well as solving addition calculations. I am very proud of the way the children are developing as mathematicians and am pleased that they are enjoying challenging themselves even if it does 'make their brain hurt'!

The children have shown respect, empathy and understanding in our RE work and have developed their reflective thinking. Science has been lots of fun especially using all of the electricity equipment! We have learnt all about how to make a simple circuit work. During our HeartSmart work we have developed the idea of self-reflection, resilience and friendship. 

On the last week of term, we looked at the inspiration figure of Rosa Parks during Diversity Week. The children showed empathy and thought carefully about what life would have been like for Rosa. They discussed how her actions paved the way for change and how she is a inspiration to all of us. I was proud of the work the children produced during this week and the maturity they showed asking challenging questions and developing their own opinions on equality and segregation.

As you can see it has been a very busy first half term in Year 4. I have loved getting to know all of the children and it is delightful to see them grow in both their friendships, confidence and learning. The children have worked hard and begun the year with a great attitude. Here's to another half term of great learning and fun!