Our Year 1 Class

A very warm welcome to our Year 1 class page. In Year 1 the children make the transition from Foundation Stage to the National Curriculum.  The children's confidence blossoms as they quickly develop the skills to become even more independent in their learning. We learn through practical and concrete activities and work as a team to develop our knowledge and understanding.  The staff within the classroom are committed to providing the best learning experiences possible and are always on hand if you need them.

We look forward to a very busy and fun year where we will all have our time to shine!



Our Year 1 Class 2018-2019


Class Information


Who's Who

Miss McCulley- Y1 Teacher

Miss Thistlethwaite- Teaching Assistant

Miss Taverner- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hayden- 1 to 1 Teaching Assistant




In Year 1 we hope to embed a deep love of reading and therefore  base most of our learning around a key text that links with the half termly topic or unit of work. Each week we delve into a new book, both fiction and non- fiction, taking our time to look at it's key features and develop key skills such as inference and comprehension, the story will also be enhanced through wider continuous provision activities within the classroom across each week. During Year 1 we develop our own ability to read independently and it is really important that reading is encouraged as much as possible at home. In school we will also develop our English skills through daily RWI lessons. 


The Phonics Scheme we use in Year 1 is:

Read, Write Inc


Each day we undertake an hour RWI lesson. Within this hour we review the set 2 sounds learnt in Reception and learn a new Set 3 sound each day. After the Speed Sounds lesson we look at a key text for the following three days. Across those three days we read the book numerous times, answer questions about the story and build up to doing our own independent writing. RWI is really helpful for embedding spellings and during each lesson we come across new 'Red Words'  learning how to spell them and are encouraged to use these in our independent writing. We also work hard on different punctuation and how a sentence is structured. We really enjoy our RWI time (particularly the partner work, actions and rhymes!) 



In Year 1 the main mathematical focus is on becoming secure with basic number skills. Some of these key skills include: being able to confidently count forwards and backwards to 100, counting on and back from any given number within 100, identifying one more and one less, addition and subtraction of one and two digit numbers within 20 and being able to recall number bond facts to 10 and 20. We enjoy learning through lots of practical activities initially in Year 1, however as the year progresses we will begin to look at Maths from both a concrete and pictorial perspective and even start to reason and problem solve! 


It is important to keep working hard both at school and at home with Maths, so don't forget there are lots of online sites such at 'Topmarks, ICT games and Busythings' that we can use to keep our Maths brains active! 



At the beginning of Year 1 your child will be given a plastic coloured homework and reading packet. Homework will always be given out on a Friday, it could be either written, practical or interactive through Seesaw. So it is really important that you check Seesaw every Friday for homework instruction updates. Please ensure that homework packets are sent into school on Friday mornings, so that homework can be sorted out and given back to your child. 



As you are aware we had a big push on reading last year in school. It is really important to read daily with your child to encourage fluency and comprehension and it is great to see regular evidence of your child reading through Seesaw, however don't forget to record when your child reads in their new reading record book. This year it will be a whole class team effort for a reading prize, so please help the team and read regularly, so that we can get the highest amount of readers and win a prize each week! The children will be asked to independently change their books every Tuesday and Friday and a photograph of the books they choose will be added to their learning journey on Seesaw. 



We love Seesaw in Year 1 and it is our key tool for observations, assessment and communication. You will receive daily updates of your child's progress and I am sure that you will enjoy seeing what they get up to everyday! As stated above we use Seesaw as a regular tool for communication, sending school and class messages through it, so please remember to check it regularly. It is also important that just like in Reception you continue to contribute to your child's learning journey by sending regular observations of your child's home learning and experiences. 


This half term.... Autumn 2 (Oct-Dec 2018)


Over the next half term our topics will be:


  • Literacy - This half term all children in Year 1 will be continuing to work on Read, Write, Inc and will begin to learn the Set 3 sounds. Our whole class reading will focus on non-fiction books relating to our topic 'Significant Events.' Looking at the events of Bonfire night, The Great fire of London and Remembrance Day. We will focus on being able to identify the features of non-fiction texts and understanding how these are used, we will also look at some simple forms of poetry. Our whole class read will be 'The Christmasaurus' by Tom Fletcher. 
  • Maths - We will continue to develop our confidence in reading and interpreting the addition, subtraction and equals symbols. To begin the half term we will extend our learning of addition to finding number bonds within and to 10. The children will continue to use the part-whole model to solve simple addition sums, become familiar with language of, total and altogether and will learn strategies to 'count on' in order to find an answer. Once secure we will then move onto exploring subtraction. The children will be introduced to the subtraction symbol, will use the language of 'how many left and takeaway,' will work on finding missing numbers by taking away, will learn to count back to find an answer and will also become confident in finding the difference.  
  • Topic - Our theme will be 'Significant events within history.' Focusing firstly on Bonfire Night, specifically Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. We will answer the questions: Who is Guy Fawkes? Why did he plot against Parliament? and What happened as a result of his actions? We will also look at how we still celebrate Bonfire Night now because of this event. After this we will spend some time focusing on Remembrance Day. Learning all about who and what we remember and thinking about why soldiers are so special. We will particularly focus on the significance of Remembrance Day this year as we celebrate 100 years since the end of WW1. To finish the half term we learn all about The Great Fire of London answering the questions: What was the Great Fire of London? Why did it happen?  and How did the people involved feel? We will sequence the events of the time and discuss its significance in the modern day.  
  • ART/ DT- We will be exploring the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy and using our own collection of leaves to create Autumn sculptures within our own outdoor environment. In D.T. we will link to our learning of The Great Fire of London. Designing and creating our own Pudding Lane houses, focusing on the structure of houses and how they are built.    
  • RE- We will start this half term by looking at God and Creation. Exploring what Christians believe about the creation of the world, talk about what we find amazing, interesting or puzzling and develop our understanding of the story of Creation, sequencing the events as we learn. We will then move onto exploring Christmas, particularly why we as Christians give and receive gifts. Through this topic we will focus on the gift that Jesus was to Christians, we will also listen to the Nativity story and by the end of term will produce a piece of writing re-telling the story ourselves.   
  • SEAL theme- Getting on and Falling Out
  • HeartSmart- Don't Forget to Let Love in!


Dates for your Diary:


Phonics Screening Check Parents Meeting: Thursday 22nd November- 3.45pm


Christmas Panto: Friday 7th December


Cinema Trip: Monday 10th December


Infant Nativity: Thursday 13th December


Infant Christmas Party: Wednesday 19th December



What a busy half term we have had! All of the children have settled into Year One very well and have shown a real love of learning.

In Science this half term we have enjoyed the topic 'All About Me!' exploring animals including humans. We started our learning by labelling life size versions of ourselves, thinking about each body part and how we use them. From this we then discovered that we have 5 senses and learnt all about what these are, what part of the body they are linked to and how we use these to do basic daily tasks. We also explored the question 'Are humans animals?' We enjoyed learning about the different types of animals the groups that they belong to and comparing them to ourselves and were shocked to learn that humans are in fact animals! 

As a class we have really enjoyed exploring the books of familiar author Julia Dondalson, some of these being; Sharing a Shell, The Snail and the Whale, The Scarecrow's wedding and The Gruffalo. We have shared one each week, focusing on, the different rhyming strings within each story, main characters and basic story plots and everyone has really enjoyed making simple predictions whilst reading. A particular class favourite was 'The Gruffalo' and the children were very good at joining in with the repeated refrains whilst reading and everyone tried really hard with the independent writing activities provided through continuous provision. We enjoyed the story of 'The Gruffalo' so much that we used this as a base for creating our moving pictures, enjoying learning all about pulley mechanisms and working independently to create our own mechanism, making our favourite story characters move as we retold the story. 

This half term we have been extremely lucky to have a specialist music teacher (Mrs Loughney) in our class for an hour a week! During this time we have been exploring the basics of music, being able to find the pulse, beat and rhythm within a simple song. We began our learning by completing lots of 'follow me' rhythm games and by listening to the song 'Funky Big Bear.' We built on this further and were introduced to the musical instruments claves and then used these to help us to find and make the rhythm within the song. We were so good at this we then moved onto creating our own rhythms!

In Geography this half term we have enjoyed completing lots of outdoor practical activities to develop our basic mapping skills. We started by going into the playground and learning how to orientate a basic map, from this we learnt how to navigate ourselves and our partner around the playground following the map. Through this topic we have enjoyed learning all about aerial perspective and enjoyed pretending to be birds as we learn how to plot on a map from a 'bird's eye' view. We then learnt all about landmarks, enjoying using chalk on the playground to draw out local landmarks between school and the park. To finish our topic we put all of our new mapping skills into practice with a walk to the park! Once at the park we then became scientists, using all of our new knowledge about the human senses to look for signs of Autumn, taking pictures of these on the Ipads! 

The children have really impressed me so far with their hard work in RWI and it is great to see such enthusiasm and eagerness to read and write. The children enjoyed our trip to the park this half term and from this used all of their writing skills to produce a great piece of independent descriptive writing based on Autumn! Well done everyone! 

In RE we enjoyed learning all about Harvest, learning how and why as Christians we celebrate it within England and enjoyed putting this into practice through our church Harvest celebration.