Our Year 1 Class

A very warm welcome to our Year 1 class page. In Year 1 the children make the transition from Foundation Stage to the National Curriculum.  The children's confidence blossoms as they quickly develop the skills to become even more independent in their learning. We learn through practical and concrete activities and work as a team to develop our knowledge and understanding, we try to document as much of our learning on Seesaw as we can so remember to keep checking! The staff within the classroom are committed to providing the best learning experiences possible and are always on hand if you need them. Miss Lewis is available on the gate each morning to pass messages onto and you can always use Seesaw to direct message myself with any concerns or questions.Mr Southern our learning mentor is also available to speak to if you need him.

We look forward to a very busy and fun year where we will all have our time to shine!


Our Year 1 Class 2017-2018


Class Information


Who's Who

Miss McCulley- Y1 Teacher

Mrs Waqar- Teaching Assistant

Miss Thistlethwaite- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Bayatti- Teaching Assistant



In Year 1 we love to read and share stories! During school time we use Read Write Inc as a scheme of work. the children do his for an hour each day and a grouped based on coloured levels. During Year 1 the children will work within colours purple, pink, orange and yellow, we cover  mixture of fiction and non-fiction books. They also begin to become familiar with the Year 1 common exception words as they become ore confident readers. It is extremely important that the children's learning is supported by their reading at home. We send home two books that the children choose themselves. we have a compulsory book changing day which is on Tuesday however for those keen readers we also have an optional changing day of Friday too!


The Phonics Scheme we use in Year 1 is:

Read, Write Inc


During our daily phonics sessions we focus on blending and segmenting sounds to read and write new words. In addition we practise our Key Words. Read,write,inc. is then developed further to suppport your child in their writing skills.




In Year 1 we work on developing a secure sense of number, useing various different methods and activities to cover the key Year 1 objectives, some of which are: Number bonds to 10 and 20, counting forwards and backwards from any number within 100, writing numbers in words from 1-20, addition and subtraction and place value!



Things to remember:

  • Homework is will be handed out (either in books or on Seesaw) every Friday and is expected to be completed by Wednesday.
  • P.E Lessons are every Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning, please ensure your child has a fully labelled kit in school.
  • Read regularly at home each night and upload this to Seesaw so that you can be entered into the weekly raffle!
  • Snack money is due every Monday morning in a clearly marked envelope.


We love Seesaw in Year 1! We use this on a daily basis to record the children's learning and it is a great tool for seeing your child's progress. We love sharing our work on Seeesaw and it is great to see your interaction with us through comments and observations from home. We now use Seesaw as a key tool for class messages and information so it is really important that you keep up to date with it and check your Seesaw account regularly.



This half term.... Summer 2 (June-July 2018)


Over the next half term our topic will be: Holidays!


  • Literacy - In Literacy, as well as continuing with our RWI stories and phonics work, we will continue to have a whole class story focus, often lasting the week but sometimes two! Some of these stories include: 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch,' 'Summer poems,' 'The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse,' and 'Stanley's Stick.' We will have a heavy focus on using the skills that we have learnt across the year, e.g. capital letters, full stops, plurals, suffixes, prefixes, using 'and' to join two sentences and reading over our work to check that it makes sense, in our writing to encourage us to develop as confident, independent writers. Across the half term we will also be getting stuck into our theme of 'Holidays' producing writing from various genres such as, postcards from a holiday destination, lists of what we would pack to take on holiday, recounts of a trip to the beach, a daily holiday diary and even a non- fiction report comparing holidays then and now.  
  • Numeracy -  In Maths, we will begin the half term looking at fractions learning how to find a half and quarter, initially of shapes and then of numbers. We will then look at measurement by investigating money, learning about the different denominations of coins and notes and their value. The children will then use this knowledge to solve problems surrounding money and put to use their addition and subtraction skills. They will also get the chance to practice all that they have learnt when in the 'Travel agents' role-play area. Towards the end of the term we will focus on time, learning to measure in hours, minutes and seconds. We will learn particularly how to tell the time to the hour and half past the hour. Completing lots of practical activities to help us to learn how to draw and read the hands on a clock face. We will also continue to work on our understanding of sequencing of events in chronological order and learning days of the week and months of the year.  It is also really important that we continue to work on practicing counting in 2s, 5s and 10s forwards and backwards to 100 (and past if we can!) 
  • Topic - This half terms topic 'Holidays' will provide a great opportunity to focus on lots of Geography and History work. We will become confident using our geographical skills such as reading maps, using atlases and identifying human and physical features. To  begin with we will look closely at the UK, highlighting the four countries that make it, their flags and what makes them unique. We will use Barnaby bear to help us visit various holiday destinations within the UK, identifying iconic landmarks and sites to see within each. We will take a close look at the coast, highlighting various coasts within the UK, looking particularly at its features and comparing its physical and human (man-made)n features. Furthermore, whilst looking at the coast and the seaside we will also have a look at how holidays have changed over the years, comparing how we holiday now to how people went on holiday nearly 100 years ago, focusing mainly on travel and entertainment at the seaside. Through our computing unit 'We are TV chefs' we will continue to look at where salad grows within our country and by the end of term we will have created our own 'show' where we will demonstrate how to make a salad.   
  • RE- Our RE unit of work this half term is 'Why is Baptism special?                                                                                                                                                           
  • HEARTSMART- No way through isn't true! 


Dates for your Diary:


P.E. days are Tuesday and Friday. (This half term the children will receive some rugby sessions every Friday instead of the regular P.E. sessions.)

Phonics Screening Check- Wk commencing 11th June

Sports Day: Tuesday 19th June 1.30pm

Class Photographs: Monday 25th June

Summer Fayre: Saturday 30th June 12pm

Educational Visit to the Story Barn: Wednesday 4th July


Last day of term: Thursday 19th July (finish at 3.30pm as usual)




During Summer Term 1 we  have been extremely busy! We have had huge amounts of fun learning all about how to plant seeds, what seeds need to grow and parts of the plant. We have also enjoyed learning all about wild and garden flowers and produced some lovely flower art, using different materials such as water colours, pastels and art pencils. 

In Literacy, we had lots of fun investigating the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' highlighting the features of a fairy tale and working in teams to sequence the story. We have looked carefully at the characters throughout the story, thinking about how they felt at various times and building questions that we would like to ask them. We even did some 'hot seating' in role as Jack which was very interesting! We developed our writing skills by focusing on editing sentences from the story and building 'who, what, full stop' sentences. To finish the topic we looked at the story 'The Jolly Postman.' From which we did some fantastic writing in role as the Giant, writing a reply letter from a very cheeky Jack! 

In Maths we continued our work on measurement, focusing mainly of measuring mass and volume. We have enjoyed lots of practical exploration activities, investigating the mass of different objects within the classroom. By the end of the unit we were able to use lots of comparative language such as: 'heavier than, lighter than and equal to' and can now solve simple reasoning problems! From this we moved onto measuring volume. We enjoyed exploring the volume of various containers using rice and coloured water and using units of measurement such as cups and spoons! We are now all able to identify volume as the amount that a container can hold. This unit encouraged lots of estimating that we enjoyed solving independently. We also developed our skills of problem solving and using the vocabulary of 'full, half full, empty, almost empty...' Towards the end of the half term we moved onto using our prior knowledge of being able to count in 2, 5 and 10 to make equal groups, solving various word problems relating to this. We also looked at sharing and are now all confident with sharing objects. 

In Science, have really enjoyed our topic of planting and I think we may have some very keen gardeners in the future! We have looked closely plants, learning all about how to plant seeds, what seeds need to grow and the parts of and functions of plants. We have created a lovely flower book that explains all about each part of a plant and have also planted our own class beans! We used the story 'Jody's Beans' to learn all about each step of the planting process and used this as our guide. Once we had planted our beans we began to write our own bean diary. This has helped us to document each step of the growing process and is something we will need to continue with when we come back to school! (The surviving beans are now re-planted and growing nicely in Miss McCulley's garden.) Within this topic we have also looked closely at mini beasts, looking at their micro habitats, going on a micro habitat hunt, observing mini beasts closely in our role play area and looking at the body parts of a mini beast and comparing these and their uses to our own. 

In P.E. we carried on developing our throwing and catching skills and learned all about why hand-eye co-ordination is so important. We have completed lots of great partner work throughout this unit and are becoming very confident with identifying our own strengths and weaknesses as a team. 

In R.E. we looked at a unit called 'What is a Saint', learning all about people who follow Jesus now and did in the past and we read lots of that told us all about Jesus' disciples and their life following Jesus. We talked about who was important to us that we follow and thought carefully about the qualities that make a good leader and whether that person has any of them. We also thought carefully about the Disciples themselves, thinking about their job and role as a follower, we even created a Disciple job description! To end the unit we thought about our own values and what is important to us, thinking carefully about one of God's greatest commandments 'Treat another how you wish to be treated.' Most of us began to realise that it is important to treat others how you wish to be treated and act how you wish others to act. some of the children highlighted 'love and kindness' as their greatest and most important values to them. 



During Spring Term 2 we were very busy!! The children enjoyed a great Pirate topic, they enjoyed dressing up and role-playing in our very own pirate ship. We shared some lovely books together, The Night Pirates and Pirates love Underpants and some non-fiction books. The children enjoyed learning some 'pirate talk', writing messages in bottles and even pirate wanted posters. The children really enjoyed helping Miss McCulley to make her very own apple slice boat, building and writing specific instructions as they went along and found it very funny when Miss McCulley put the whole block of cheese onto the cocktail stick (not just a cube!). After watching this demonstration the children had a go at making their own independently and at the end of the week produced a fantastic piece on independent instructional writing! Our computing topic allowed us to plot a route around the pirates treasure map whilst learning all about algorithms and de-bugging; we had lots of fun using Beebot.

We have really enjoyed our Maths unit of position and direction, linking all of our learning to our pirate theme. We learnt lots of new vocabulary whilst making our own treasure maps. We are all very confident with being able to turn left and right, we are also able to use the terms clockwise, anticlockwise, quarter and half. This was a very practical unit and we enjoyed going around hiding treasure,  giving our partner instructions to follow to find it and even making a huge whole class treasure map in the hall!  This half term we also began our topic of Measurement, particularly focusing on measuring height and length. We have been out and about around school using non standard units such as cubes, pencils, rubbers and even paper clips to measure different objects. We have addressed various misconceptions and this has ensured that we are now very accurate when we come to measure! 

In Science, we continued our look at the seasons and the changes we see happening around us as we move from Winter to Spring, we identified signs of change and created some lovely spring topic maps. The children worked in groups to plan and create their own pirate ship boats, I gave them various pieces of junk modelling equipment and then left them to it! It was great to see how they interacted as a team and listened to one another's ideas,  there was a lot of scientific talk and discussion about the best shapes and materials to use for the base of the boat and whether they would sink or float. Unfortunately we did run out of time at the end of term as we were so busy, so we will make sure to find time to test our junk model boats in the water tray as soon as we get back after the Easter break. 

In P.E. we have had lots of fun learning all about balancing, the children have shown their caring nature and great team work skills as they have worked together to work on being able to counter balancing with another person. They really enjoyed having the three different coloured challenges and are becoming very confident in being able to judge their own ability, knowing when they need to continue to practise a specific skill or whether they can challenge themselves by trying the green or red challenge cards. Well done everyone keep up the hard work during PE.

In R.E. we learned all about the Easter Story. We took a close look at the events of Holy week, splitting them up and learning about one event at a time, and we are begining to show a real understanding of the sequence of events. We thought carefully about the people that were around Jesus at the time, his mother and the Disciples in particular. We used an emoji wheel to think about their specific feelings at various times such as, Palm Sunday, The Last Supper, Good Friday and the day Jesus rose again. I encouraged the children to 'put themselves in their shoes' the children did very well with this and produced some great pieces of work. We then put on a lovely Easter performance in church working with the rest of Key Stage 1 to show the events of Palm Sunday. Thank you again to everyone that made such an effort to plan and create their Easter Garden, it was great to see the processes that some of you went through whilst making them and how carefully you had thought about how you could show what Easter is really about through them on Seesaw.  It was a very tough decision for Mrs Malley and Mrs Percy (who were very impressed too). Well done again to our two runners up Eva and Tommy and our overall winner Luca!

We did end this half term on a slightly sad note at having to say goodbye to a fantastic member of our Year 1 team, however we wish Miss Lewis all the best in her new journey and I am sure she will pop in for a visit again soon!

All in all a very busy, but enjoyable half term, thank you for all of your hard work! 


During Spring Term 1 we have been 'Polar Explorers' finding out about the Arctic and Antarctic. First, we located them on a map and globe and watched video clips to find out what it would be like. Next, we discovered which animals live at the North Pole and which live at the South Pole. We made fact files for different polar animals and researched where they lived, what they ate and how they survive. We looked at different animal bodies and discussed which were similar and which were different. We also learned that some animals hibernate or migrate and we even looked at how they camouflage themselves, so they don't get eaten.  We investigated animal poo, helping us to discover whether the animals are carnivores, omnivores or herbivores this was challenging, but we are now confident with identifying and sorting animals in this way.

For our seasonal change we have looked at the changes that happen from Autumn to Winter and studied the times when it is dark and light and discovered that there are more hours of daylight in Autumn.  We went on a winter walk to the park looking for signs of winter and enjoyed playing in the leaves! We then came back to school and created a piece of collage winter art.

In Literacy we have been working really hard in our Read, Write, Inc sessions: learning all our sounds, practising our handwriting and doing some lovely writing. We had lots of fun reading our book 'Betty and the Yeti' - a lovely story about a surprising friendship, we focused on adjectives and the children wrote some great descriptive sentences about the items that Betty found. We also focused on a lovely book called 'The Snowy Day' looking at story sequencing and what happens in the beginning, middle and end. We then worked to build and write our own snowy day story, recording it first as a whole class and then writing our own individual stories. 

In Numeracy, we have done lots of work on number and place value, working with larger numbers from 20-100. Firstly we looked at 'tens and ones' and how to build and make a 2 digit number.  We used lots of different maths equipment to 'build' the two digit numbers and can now recognise how many tens and ones are in a two digit number easily. The children can also identify and represent numbers using objects and pictures. We have also focused on the language of 'greater than, less than and equal to' in order to compare larger numbers, we have done this through concrete and pictorial representations and are becoming much more confident with this. Alongside all of this new learning we have continued to work on counting forwards and backwards in 2's, 5's and 10's and from any given number within 100.

In P.E. we have continued out 'REAL PE' lessons, focusing on balance in on beams and slow and focused movements. We have followed the story of a train and a young girl that is training to be a tight rope walker. The children have really enjoyed this topic and enjoyed being able to decide which challenge to attempt.



During Autumn Term 2 we have been learning about the Christmas story and why people give and receive gifts at Christmas. The children have deepened their understanding of the true meaning of Christmas by exploring the idea of Jesus as God's gift to the world. Linking with our Literacy skills, the children also re-told the Christmas story. In Science, we looked at the five senses and carried out the 'we are bees' experiment, using smell pots to see if we could find our way to the correct 'hive' - the children loved the experiment and enjoyed making their own smell pots at home. We also learned about different groups of animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals; the children recognised many common animals and sorted them into different groups depending on whether they had fur or no fur and wings or no wings. They also discussed how animals are the same and how they are different. As part of our seasonal change topic we looked at our weather and how it changes by keeping a weather diary. We had lots of fun making our Christmas cards, baubles and other decorations!! The children enjoyed all of our work around the Nativity story and singing in the show.

In Literacy we read 'The Gruffalo' and re-told the story through sequencing pictures and role-play. The children loved working in their groups and acting out the characters. The children also wrote their own stories and descriptions of a similar character 'The Puffalo'.

In Numeracy we did lots of work on number and place value. We began by looking at the ordering of numbers and the language associated with ordinal numbers, eg, first, second, eighth, etc. We then looked at 'teen' numbers and the children learnt that these numbers always start with a one, we listened to a fun song to remind us! We used lots of different maths equipment to make teen numbers including arrow cards, Numicon and the 2-spike abacus. We also did lots of work on addition and subtraction; we mainly used numberlines although we need to work on mental strategies too by holding a number in our heads then adding on to find the answer. The children also learned about subtraction being the 'difference' between 2 numbers. We finished the half term by looking at 2D shapes and had lots of fun searching around the classroom and school to find these shapes in our environment - I know lots of you spotted shapes at home and posted pictures on Seesaw whch was lovely to see! We also ad a brief look at 3D shapes and made some cone shaped Christmas decorations which was great fun too!    

In P.E. we have been working with our Wigan Athletic Coaches to develop our agility, balance and co-ordination by playing lots of fun games.



During Autumn Term 1 we have been scientists finding out all about our bodies and the five senses. We have carried out some experiments in Science; we enjoyed being 'taste detectives' - we sampled different foods whilst we had our eyes closed and we had to decide whether the taste was salty, sweet, bitter or sour. Surprisingly, a few of us enjoyed the sour lemon taste and not so surprisingly lots of us liked the bitter dark chocolate!! We also used smell pots as we pretended to be bees to find our way home to the correct hive. The children were amazed to find out that each hive has its own smell and this is used by bees to make sure that they are in the correct hive. What busy bees we have been! We had lots of fun on our trip to Underwater Street, which was amazing, we had lots of fun finding out about science and the world around us and we even made slime, bath bombs and saw a fantastic science experiment!!! 

A visit to the park kick started our year long look at seasonal change. The children collected lots of autumn leaves and seeds to produce their very own piece of art, as well as learning the names of some of the trees. As part of our RE lessons we have learnt about how God created the world and by making our own creations we discovered how he must have felt.

In Maths, we practised counting beyond 100 and back, we learned about place value, addition and subtraction and learned the number bonds up to 10. We have also been doing lots of measuring and building different creations to measure using non-standard methods of measuring. For example we found out how many bricks long our hands and feet are.

We all enjoyed the story "Supertato" which inspired the children to create their own super veg character book in Computing and make our real super hero vegetables.

In P.E. we have been working using our new 'Real PE scheme which has made our lessons even more exciting and enjoyable where the focus is on each child making and challenging their own skills instead of being the best at sport we are developing co ordination and balance by playing lots of fun games.