English- Reading


At Christ Church we aim for all our children to become fluent, confident readers who are passionate about reading.

Children who read regularly or are read to regularly have the opportunity to open the doors to so many different worlds! More importantly, reading gives children the tools to become independent life-long learners.

Click on the link below to discover the different ways that we achieve this at Christ Church.


Our Reading Curriulum



Reading in Year 6- Letters from the Lighthouse (Spring Term 1)

(Cross-curricular links: History & Writing)



Reading in Year 1- Whole class text: The Christmasaurus (Autumn Term 2)



Reading in Year 6- Blackout Poetry (Autumn Term 2)

(Cross-curricular links: History & British Values)



Reading in Year 1- Identifying features of Non-Fiction texts (Autumn Term 2)

(Cross-curricular link: History)



Reading in Year 6- People who Inspire Us (Autumn Term 1)

(Cross-curricular links: Writing, PSHE & C and British Values)

 Year 6 read stories about the life of Malala Yousafzai. They used evidence from the stories to say what kind of person she is and shared their own opinions based on what they had read.



Reading in Year 6- Street Child Emojis (Autumn Term 1)

(Cross-curricular links: Writing, History, PSHE & C and British Values)



Reading in Year 1- Julia Donaldson (Autumn Term 1)



Reading in Year 6- Developing Inference Skills (Autumn Term 1)



Book in a Box Challenge- Christ Church's Year of Reading 2017-18