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14 July 2019 (by Mrs Gornall)

We have asked a number of children if they like toast for snack during morning break.  There was an overwhelming response from the children to say they did not enjoy the toast and they would prefer fruit.  This is also evident in the amount of toast that is thrown away during morning break.  Therefore, we are going to trial fruit or cereal bar as an option from September 2019.  Children can bring in a piece of fruit from home to eat during morning break.  Key Stage 1 children will get fruit free everyday though the Government Eat Well scheme but they can bring their own fruit if they want to.  We will also trial a small tuck shop in class where children can buy a healthy option cereal bar for 20p each.  We ask that you do not send in cereal bars from home, just fruit as many cereal bars contain a high amount of sugar.  Children will still be able to purchase milk, however this often gets thrown away so check with your child that they still want it.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.