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1 June 2019 (by Mrs Gornall)

A big thank-you to Alanna and Laiba for their fantastic efforts this week to encourage the family of Christ Church to raise money for the charity ‘Dig Deep’.  They started the week by leading worship and then worked hard fund raising with their ‘Estimation Station’, they made £80.91.  The winners of the competition were Daniel and Olivia from Reception and Bailey in Year 5 and we raised £84.61. 

This could not be done without the support from our Christ Church community, thank-you everyone for your generosity.

The children wrote a prayer which I would like to share with you:


Dear Lord,

Thank-you for our clean water and safe homes.

Please help us to appreciate all of the little things in life because everything counts.

There are lots of unfortunate people in the world and we need to help them.

Please help us to put ourselves in their shoes and realise how hard it is not to have a family, a house or clean water.

Without clean water they could get ill or even worse it could kill them.

This week, give us strength to be positive and shine hope on us.