Weaver Hall Museum


On Wednesday 19th March Year 2 had a fantastic trip to Weaver Hall Museum in Northwich.  They were greeted by Mr Luckless and Mr Dawdle, some of the workhouse workers, who took them to the main entrance to ask Mr Grimm the House Master if they could go in.  Mr Grimm was very grimm!!!  

He showed the children their food rations for the day which included mashed potato, buttermilk and gruel EURGH!  Hannah and Callum had to change into workhouse uniform, which for the boys was a sailor suit and for the girls was a long blue checked dress with a white apron.

They then split into groups and some of them went into the school room to be taught the '3 R's' and the National Anthem by Mr Grimm!!!  He was very strict and used a backboard for poor Thomas because he thought he was slouching.  Robert had to wipe some chalk off the board with his nose and Isaiah had to balance a book on his head for 10 seconds, whilst wearing the finger stocks!! But this was all taken in good fun. They then went outside to take part in some drill exercise.

When the children swapped over they were put to work.  They learned about how young boys were made to work as chimney sweeps and they had a go at making rag rugs, they even ground some wholemeal flour.

They also learned about how the children in the workhouse had to do the laundry using a dolly, dolly tub and a posser. At the end of the visit Mr Dawdle and Mr Luckless waved them off before they returned back to our school, which I'm sure they will all agree is much nicer!!!




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Cathy Malley(a few years ago)

William had a brilliant day and I really enjoyed looking through all the photographs with him whilst he explained what they were doing. Year 2 - you all look amazing!!

Alison Gregory(a few years ago)

Fantastic photos the children are clearly having a fun day whilst also learning about victorian times! Austin has taught me things I didnt know so a valuable educational trip!

angela owen(a few years ago)

I enjoyed looking at Weaver Hall and the pictures of the children. They look like they had lots of fun and there was plenty of things to learn about.